Evil Wizard Of Destruction

Real Name: Unknown

Nazgal, sometimes spelled as "Nazghal", was an evil wizard, who emerged  sometime in Eternia's past. His magic stems from dark incantations, specializing particularly in blazing fires, and can trap the powers of others in a magical crystal, known as the Gem of Magoo. Nazgal operates from a chaotic, angular fortress and is always accompanied by his pet, Slotty, a small, flying beast who acts as his spy.


Filmation Continuity: 

1,000 years into Eternia's past, Nazgal initiated a war between the Dragons of Dragon Hill and Humans of the neighbouring villages, as a way to steel the Dragon's magic and power, which he planned to add to his own. He found opposition from King Tarben, a human who lived in harmony with dragonkind, his Dragon friend, Brightstar and She-Ra, who had accidentally been sent to Eternia's past. Together, they were able to defeat this evil wizard.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

From The Bio of the Power-Con version of Granamyr:

As the intimidating Lord of Darksmoke, Granamyr possessed great size, power, and wisdom long before the rise of Grayskull. When the fear-mongering wizard Nazghal had humans steal from Dragon Tower the Gem of Magoo which would enhance the strength of those who are pure in heart, Granamyr declared all humans to be enemies of Darksmoke. Three hundred years later Eldor and He-Ro defeated Nazghal and returned the Gem to Granamyr as a peace offering on behalf of King Grayskull. Granamyr accepted their gesture and later blessed He-Ro with the Gem to wield in his magic staff. Over the centuries Granamyr's green hide gradually turned red, but his disillusionment with humans persisted until the champion He-Man sough his help and became the first human in five millenia to earn Granamyr's respect.


- Nazgal was created from the Filmation Production Model of Tauron, from "Orko's Favorite Uncle".

- Nazgal was voiced by John Erwin in the Masters of the Universe Continuity.

- Nazgal has two different spellings: It is "Nazgal" in the Masters of the Universe Filmation Continuity and "Nazghal" in the Masters of the Universe Classics Continuity.


POP Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Gem Of Magoo
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