Evil Savage Cat

Real Name: Panthor

Panthor seems to be Skeletor's answer to He-Man's Battle Cat. In combat, Panthor often scares enemies with his fearsome appearance. Panthor can also leap great heights. Skeletor uses the giant panther to intimidate his enemies into giving up vital information. But Panthor's greatest purpose is to transport Skeletor across the Eternian landscape. The foundation of Panthor's relationship with Skeletor is based on an unshakable loyalty to his master. When Skeletor barks a command, Panthor will leap into action without hesitation. Panthor's main adversary is Battle Cat. But while their entanglements usually start with loud roars and bearing of sharp teeth, Battle Cat quickly succeeds in scaring Panthor away.

Origin #3 (MOTC Official Bios)

During his exile from Eternos Palace Keldor saved a young dylinx cub from a hunter's pit in the Corridors of Lithos. The cub remained fiercely loyal to Keldor, who named him Panthor after a tribal story his Gar mother told him as a child. The purple skinned feline stayed with Keldor even after he was transformed into the Lord of Destruction by Hordak's magic. Finding a new home in Snake Mountain, Panthor is forever at his master's side, carrying him into battle or curled up at the feet of Skeletor's throne, loyally growling at any who disagree with the Overlord of Evil.

MOTU Fimation Cartoon Appearances:

MOTU 200X MYP Cartoon appearances:

LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Snake Mountain
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Armor
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