Mother Tetsudo

Mother Tatsudo - Heroic Matriarch Of The Repron Clans
Real Name: Tatsudo

Mother Tatsudo was the matriarch of the Repton Clans of Eternia. She served as a member of the Council Of The Wise, during the Snake Man War.


As matriarch of the Repton Clans of Preternia, Mother Tatsudo was the key in helping convince the Reptons to side with the Elders and He-Ro, against their Snake Men cousins. When He-Ro's mentor, the wizard Eldor, formed the Council Of The Wise, Mother Tatsudo was one of it's first and strongest members. Calm and full of grace, she was a stabilizing voice during the Council's most disputatious periods. She spoke favorably for the king of Zalecia when he betrayed his vows for the sake of his family, but being one of two parents in the Council, she was overruled. Later, ater the Council disbanded, she and her Repton children retreated into Subeternia where they remembered more honorable times and mourning the tragic fall of their Snake Men relatives. Her descendants, including King Pythos, would rule Reptons for generations with wisdom and honor.

Trivia From Clawful94: The bio of Mother Tatsudo is credited to Gbagok. She only appeared in MVCreations comic books.

MVCreations – Comic Appearances:

SPECIE : Reptons
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Kingdom Of Repton
SESSO : Female
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