Adora (Princess Adora)

Heroic Leader Of The Great Rebellion

Real Name: Adora, Of the House Of Randor

Alias: Princess Adora

Adora is a female Humanoid, also known as Princess Adora, is the
alter ego of She-Ra, Princess of Power (and Despara in the DC 52 Comics). She is twin sister of Prince Adam/He-Man and a member of the Royal Family of Eternia 

Depending on which continuity, Adora is leader of the Great Rebellion, who  guides her fellow rebels with a kind, understanding, but firm leadership, Adora has continually proven herself to be an effective leader. She lives by the rules of common sense, and she will never put lives in danger if she can avoid it. Unlike her brother Adam, Adora operates with a take-charge personality.

Adora's level-headedness can usually get her out of any bad situation. She is a strong-willed, determined woman with a passion for freedom. She is certainly the strength of the Great Rebellion, and she proves to be as competent as She-Ra. Because of her infamous defection from the Horde, Hordak is often obsessed with capturing Adora.

Of her rebel friends, Adora is closest to Madame Razz, who serves as a close confidant. Bow obviously wants a romantic relationship with Adora, but she seems resistant.


Filmation Continuity:

Princess Adora and her twin brother, Prince Adam were born on the planet of Eternia, to King Randor and Queen Marlena.
As a baby, she was kidnapped by the ruthless Hordak, who took through a portal to Etheria.

Adora was raised not kowing of her past and destiny. Adora was raised within the Fright Zone, under the watchful eye of Shakra, who taught her values and principles that would be the foundation of her career as a rebel leader. Hordak on the other hand, served as a father figure, who trained Adora to be the Force Captain of the Evil Horde. Any doubts Adora might have about her surroundings, were constantly removed by the magic spells of Shadow Weaver, who assumed a motherly roll to Adora.

However, things changed when the mysterious Prince Adam/He-Man came to Etheria, under the instructions of the Sorceress, to find the wielder of the Sword of Protection.
It was then revealed to He-Man that Adora was the true wielder of the Sword of Protection and also learned of her real past.    

Adora now fights as the leader of the Great Rebellion. Also, she now has the Sword of Protection to become She-Ra, Princess of Power.


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- See Despera

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Trivia (Clawful94):

- Adora was voiced by Melendy Britt in the Princess of Power Filmation Cartoons.


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SPECIE : Humanoid
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
SESSO : Female
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