Horde Enforcer
Horde Force Captain
Leader Of The Great Rebellion
Princess Of Eternia

Other Name(s): Princess Adora, Force Captain Adora, She-Ra, Despara

1983 Golden Books MOTU/POP Canon:

The Golden books closely followed the Filmation animated origin of Adora. The only deviations was that she watched over and protected Etheria from her home, the Crystal Castle and that Catra was a separate villain, who didn't work for the Horde.

1983 Ladybird MOTU/POP Book Canon:

In this Continuity, Adora's role is very similar to the Filmation continuity. One of the big differences, is that Catra is mostly the primary intagonist throughout most of the books. When Filmation debuts as the primary villian, he and Catra reverse roles.

1984 World Annual MOTU/POP Book Canon:

Like many canons, the World Annuals fallowed close to the Filmation origin. The corridor which Hordak escaped and He-Man used to go to Etheria were called: "The Doors Of Mystery". This portal was located in the confines of Castle Grayskull and was guarded by the Sorceress.

Another difference in this canon was that She-Ra and He-Man would travel upon Swift Wind, up through the clouds to the mountains of Etheria, where they would discover a beautiful, shining castle, that is invisible to all on Etheria, except for She-Ra and He-Man. With the Sword Of Protection, She-Ra was able to unlock the doors of the mysterious castle. Inside the castle, they would meet a curtain of living light, that called himself, Light Hope.

1983 Filmation MOTU/POP Animated Series Canon:

Princess Adora and her twin brother, Adam, were born to King Randor and Earth-born Queen Marlena during the Evil Horde's invasion of Eternia. Knowing the twins held a special destiny, Hordak attempted to kidnap them both but managed to escape with only the infant Adora through a dimensional gateway to Etheria.

With no knowledge of her true heritage, Adora was raised on Etheria as a member of the Evil Horde. Though Hordak oversaw her upbringing, Adora was raised by Shakra and Shadow Weaver. Shadow Weaver used mind-control spells to ensure that Adora never questioned her history or Horde activities. The evil Hordak even displayed fatherly affection and pride toward Adora on occasion.

Adora served under General Sunder and made friends with a woman named Lohni. Climbing in the Horde ranks, she was promoted to the rank of Force Captain. Force Captain Adora led a squad of elite warriors created from Horde science and magic. As an officer, she commanded respect, even from other Horde members, especially Catra. The Horde members begrudgingly acknowledged her rank and dared not show any open disrespect.

During a confrontation with Rebel forces at the village of Thaymore, Adora came in contact with He-Man. Showing her quick thinking and tactics, Adora succeeded in capturing the Eternian champion. She took the Sword of Protection from him and felt a strange connection. After speaking with the imprisoned He-Man, Adora began seeking out the truth about the nature of the Horde. Riding her white steed, Spirit, Adora witnessed the cruelty and evil of the Horde. She also began to resist Shadow Weaver's magic.

The Sorceress later appeared within the sword’s jewel and encouraged Adora to call upon the honor of Grayskull. Adora raised the Sword of Protection. She spoke the words "For the honor of Grayskull! I am She-Ra!" Adora transformed into She-Ra, Princess of Power, forever breaking Shadow Weaver's magical influence on her.

After an emotional reunion with her parents on Eternia, Princess Adora chose to return to Etheria and fight against the Horde. Upon joining the Great Rebellion, Adora became its leader. The princess was loved and admired by her fellow Rebels and the free people of Etheria. Unlike her brother, she made no effort to play the coward to protect her dual identity. The First Ones described Adora as brave, wise, swift, agile, and a friend to all, the qualities of She-Ra.

Although they had been separated for much of their lives, Adora and her brother shared a strong and loving bond. It is unknown how often Adora returned to Eternia, but it is assumed that she did on occasion. She always welcomed a visit from her twin brother and even her long-lost grandfather, Miro. Adora and Madame Razz were both friends and confidants, and her horse, Spirit, offered her wisdom in addition to companionship. Adora displayed great empathy toward those in need and was always willing to give aid.

Adora’s primary romantic interest was Sea Hawk, though she was uncertain whether the pirate preferred her or She-Ra. Eventually, Sea Hawk confessed his feelings to Adora, and their romance blossomed.

1983 Vintage MOTU/POP Mini-Comic Canon:

As in the Filmation animated series,Princess Adora was kidnappedfrom the Royal Family of Eternia asan infant, by Hordak. But unlike theFilmation story, she discovered herdestiny when she stumbled intothe Crystal Castle while being pursued by Catra through Etheria's Dark Forest. Invoking the power of good through her magic shield, Adora learned that she could transform into She-Ra by raising her sword and saying, "For the honor of Grayskull!"

1986 German Audio Plays:

The German POP audio plays gave theirown unique portrayal of Adora. Residing in her Crystal Palace, Adora was the ruler of Etheria and loved inviting her friends over. When danger threatened, she raised her sword and cried, "I am She-Ra!” to transform into the Princess of Power. Adora did not have a secret identity. Adora was the only Etherian princess immune to Catra's flattery. She was depicted as kind and loyal to her friends. She even had romantic feelings for Bow.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

Following the Filmation canon, the Classics story introduced a prophecy which foretold that twins born of two worlds would wield the Power of Grayskull. Adora, daughter of King Randor of Eternia and Queen Marlena of Earth, was one of these twins, along with her brother, Adam.

2013 MOTU DC 52 Comic Canon:

- See Despera

The 2012 DC comics reworked Adora’s backstory, keeping the basic Filmation elements and adaing fresh details with a more violent background. While being raised by Shadow Weaver after her kidnapping, Adora was given the name Despara. As a very young child, she was allowed to have a taste of normalcy and visit Eternia, where she befriended young Teela. The two would play and read stories in the palace gardens.

In a time paradox, Adora was raised by Skeletor and Shadow Weaver. Adora was trained in combat and tactics by Skeletor, her "uncle," who became a surrogate father to her. Skeletor was once destroyed by Hordak, but Skeletor undid his own destruction through time travel and formed a paradox where Adora was and was not raised by her "uncle." Hordak commanded Shadow Weaver to erase any memory of Skeletor from Adora’s mind.

Despara became a Force Captain and the Horde’s most lethal warrior. She commanded Horde Troopers and brutally subjugated the people of Etheria. She murdered Flutterina in combat and burned villages to the ground. She showed no mercy until she spared a young child. Surviving an assassin ationattempt by Bow, Despara began to have flashes of repressed memories.

When Despara led the Horde invasion of Eternia, her repressed memories beganto surface completely. Despara broke Shadow Weaver's spell over her and resumed her true name. Adora wandered Eternia until He-Man, guided by the new Sorceress, gave her the cursed blade that had slain King Grayskull. Together, they traveled to Anwat Gar. There, the cursed blade brought Adora’s Horde upbringing to the forefront, and she slit He-Man's throat. Guilt ridden, Adora broke the curse and confronted the cursed Saryn, who had possession of the Sword of Protection. Destroying Saryn with the cursed blade, Adora obtained the Sword of Protection and became She-Ra.

During the Eternity War, She-Ra was able to kill Hordak’s spirit and destroy the Eyes of Grayskull, saving the entire universe with her brother.



- Adora was voiced by Melendy Britt in the Princess of Power Filmation Cartoons.

- In the early minicomics, Adora said, ”By the honor of Grayskull!"


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SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Etheria
SESSO : Female
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