Shadow Weaver

Shadow Weaver
Evil Mistress Of Dark Magic

Real Name: Beatrix
Other Name(s):
Light Spinner

Shadow Weaver was one of Hordak’s most powerful warriors. Among the numerous powers that Shadow Weaver displayed were:  Shape-shifting, teleportation, the ability to steal others’ shadows (i.e. Orko’s), the creation of shadow coils to ensnare her foes, the capability to open cross-dimensional gateways, and a battalion of skeletal Dark Riders at her command.

Origin #1 (Filmation)

Shortly before the arrival of the Horde on Etheria, she—alongside Castaspella, the future ruler of Mystacore—was a student of the wizard Norwyn.  The three mystics were among the few who knew where Etheria’s Council of Kings had hidden themselves at the start of the invasion.

Hordak took advantage of the young sorceress’ thirst for power, and offered her a magical gem that would increase her abilities greatly…in exchange for the location of the Council of Kings.  The woman who would become known as Shadow Weaver took Hordak up on his offer and betrayed her former allies.  However, Norwyn interrupted the power-transfer partway through, leaving her with increased magic, but terribly disfigured.

Having committed herself to the Horde, Shadow Weaver went on to become one of its most prominent members.  It was in part due to her spells that Hordak was able to raise the kidnapped child, Princess Adora of Eternia, as his heir.  This lead to a quasi mother-daughter relationship between the two women.

The relationship between Shadow Weaver and Hordak was not always an easy one, however.  At one point, feeling unappreciated by the Horde’s commander, the dark sorceress allied with one of his most powerful adversaries:  the Eternian necromancer known as Skeletor, Lord of Destruction.  Together, they succeeded in imprisoning him, but their union broke apart when Skeletor turned against Shadow Weaver and captured her as well.

While frequently seen at Hordak’s side, Shadow Weaver also had her own lair:  Horror Hall. It was from that location that she launched a powerful assault on Castle Brightmoon, necessitating the search (and subsequent discovery) of the Crystal Castle.

Origin #2 (MOTUC Official Bios)

Born in the Etherian Kingdom of Mystacor, Beatrix was once known as Light Spinner and served as an apprentice to the great mage, Norwyn. When Hordak arrived on Etheria during his exile in Despondos, he promised her great power in return for information and help in overthrowing Bright Moon and the surrounding kingdoms. Her powers were greatly enhanced through a magical gem whose power also induced an irreversible change in her appearance and mental state. She betrayed Norwyn and her fellow magical student Castaspella, leading Horde Troopers to their hidden magic archives. In Horror Hall, Beatrix took the name Shadow Weaver, using her black magic to fight the Great Rebellion all the while secretly planning to overthrow Hordak and claim his power for her own!

Shadow Weaver was voiced by Linda Gary in the Filmation Cartoons.

The name Light Spinner comes from the UK London Editions Comics, which gave a different origin for Shadow Weaver. The name was later used in her MOTUC bio.

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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Human
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Magic, Magic Wand, Book Of Edrich
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