Heroic Creater Of The Cosmic Key

Real Name: Gwildor Of Thenur

Gwildor is a member of the Thenurian race, a peaceful dwarf-like race of people that live in the Evergreen Forest. He is absent-minded and quite excentric, but also wise, intelligent and good-hearted, with little fear. Gwildor is several years old and walks with a staff that has blinking lights. He is known throughout Eternia as a famous locksmith and inventor, and is notable for his greatest creation: The Cosmic Key, a mechanical device with the ability to transport its holder to any place throughout space and time. It is a complex device with numerous switches and buttons. It uses sonic waves and sounds to program it.

Origin #1 (1987 Live Action Movie):

Gwildor's role in the movie is key to the central plot. He is introduced into the film when rescued by He-Man from Skeletor's soldiers. He then explains how he was tricked by Skeletor's sidekick Evil-Lyn into giving his prize creation The Cosmic Key to the forces of evil, and thus allowing them to enter Castle Grayskull and take over Eternia. As the unwitting cause of Grayskull's defeat, Gwildor endeavors to help He-Man overcome Skeletor by using a prototype Cosmic Key. When the heroes find themselves overwhelmed by Skeletor's army, Gwildor uses the Cosmic Key to help them escape, and the heroes are transported to Earth, leaving Gwildor faced with the task of finding the correct programming on the Key to transport them back before Skeletor gains the power of the universe

Origin #3 (Official Bios):

Gwildor later, takes an apprentice named Jey, who would eventually become Fearless Photog.

Famous Quote: "I Don't Like Adventures"

Commentary By Clawful94: Gwildor was portrayed in the 1987 Film by Billy Barty. Many fans of the Masters Of The Universe dislike this character. Which is unfortunate because I have tremendous respect for this character and for the late actor, who played him. If he is made by the MOTUC, I hope he is sculpted after the character in the movie.   

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ALLEANZA : Heroic Warriors
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Thenuria
SESSO : Male
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