Prince Amberis

Prince Amberis
Heroic Prince Of Auriconia
Real Name: Amberis

Prince Amberis of a small, rodent-like male from the City of Auriconia, hidden within the Ice Mountains. He is a member of the elegant Auricinian race. He was the first male heir to the Auriconian throne. His grandmother, the current queen, was disappointed that he was not a female child and the City Of Auriconia had never had a queen.

Origin #1 (World I.P. Annuals):

One day he decided to leave Auriconia, to see what it is like outside his home. He felt regret for the pain and anxiety, he would cause his mother, in his absence. 

On his way to the Kingdom of Eternia, Prince Amberis would be tricked and captured by the evil Sleletor. Skeletor gave him to a vender to sell him at the marketplace, in hopes to lure He-Man into Skeletor's clutches.

When Prince Adam came accross this vender, he was saddened by the treatment on the animals in the cages. To make a point, Prince Adam decides to purchase one if these creatures and set it free. He got more than he bargened for, when he learned that the creature was a young prince. He learned that Amberis could talk and was a real prince, who needed to return home.

MOTU World I.P. Annual Book Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Eternian Allies
SPECIE : Auriconians
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : City Of Auriconia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Unarmed
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