Evil Master Of Plants
Real Name: Sero Malusto

Evilseed is a powerful plant-like sorcerer from Eternia. He can manipulate and control plants for evil and destructive purposes. In the 200X series, Moss Man and a rebooted version of Evilseed are arch enemies.

Origin #1 (Filmation Cartoons):

In the 1980s cartoon, Evilseed gives Farmer Small and the other Farmers, seeds that would grow into vines, causing damage to the "Dam of the Ancients". The damage was so bad that the river broke through and flooded the Fertile Plains. Luckily, He-Man repairs the dam, before any more damage is done to the Farmlands. After Farmer Small describes the culprit, He-Man and Man-At-Arms quickly suspect that Skeletor is behind this.

While the heroes were away, Evilseed had visited the Royal Palace and it is now covered with vines. All the inhabitants are imprisoned by the strange vines. When it is they discover that Skeletor is not to blame, Evilseed makes himself known. Skeletor and He-Man have to work together to defeat him. He-Man creates a giant ice ball from the Ice Mountains, the Sorceress, Orko and Skeletor use their magic to destroys it, causing snow to fall on Eternia. The falling of the snow causes Evilseed to shivel up, thus defeated.

Origin #2 (200X MYP Cartoons):

Evilseed appears in the 2002 cartoon where he is an enemy of Moss Man, who imprisoned him in the place called the "Root Cellar". Orko stumbles into it the Root Cellar, while looking for Moss Man, to see if he could help Orko restore the gardens of the Royal Palace. Evilseed tricks Orko into believing that he is Moss Man. He gives him seeds that create vines, that capture everyone in the Royal Palace. While everyone is tangled with vines, Evilseed begins extract his revenge on them for gorging plant life. When the real Moss Man appears at the Royal Palace's garden, Orko learns that was Evilseed, who gave him those seeds. When they go to free the captives, Orko unwittingly reveals the power within Castle Grayskull and Evilseed ventures there, with He-Man Battle Cat and Moss Man hot on his trail. He-Man and Battle Cat has to battle one of Evilseed's evil plant monsters, in the process. Together they defeat Evilseed and imprison him once again.

Later on, Skeletor frees Evilseed to join his new "Council of Evil". During this time, Evilseed uses a dangerous underwater plant to capture Ram-Man and Man-E-Faces. When He-Man goes to rescue the two Masters, who are captive, he fights and defeats the three giants. He-Man is than ambushed by Evilseed, who uses his vines to strangle he and Battle-Cat. While the vines are strangling the two heroes, Count Marzo turns the vines to stone. Moss Man frees the Masters and Evilseed flees.

Origin #3 (MOTUC):

Created by Moss Man to aide Grayskull in the Great Wars against King Hssss and the invading Horde armies, Evil Seed betrayed his master and turned to evil, finding joy in corrupting all forms of plant life for his own amusement. Catching up with his vile creation, Moss Man imprisoned him in enchanted chains, keeping him restrained for many millennia. Sero was eventually freed by Orko, whose curiosity led him to regrettably release the evil master of plants. Now an enemy of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Evil seed fights to corrupt all plant life, using his twisted vines in deadly combat!

Trivia (Clawful94): Evilseed was the only character to have an episode named after him, and not have a toy. Evilseed was voiced by John Erwin in the Filmation Cartoons, and Don Brown in the 200X MYP Cartoons.

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

MOTU 200X MYP Cartoon Appearances:

SPECIE : Plant People
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Eternia
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Control Over All Plants
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