Queen Angella

Angelic Winged Guide
Real Name: Angella The Third, Queen Regent of Brightmoon

Angella is Humanoid that has angel-like wings, that allows her to fly and also has a strong aptitude for magic. Queen Angella has golden blonde hair, light blue eyes, a dark pink collar and light pink top.

Origin #1 (POP Mini-Comics):

Angella is the queen of Mizar, a mountain land of angel-like beings that is invaded by Catra. Angella gets the help of She-Ra to repel the feline fiend and her minions.

Origin #2 (POP Filmation Cartoons):

Regal and wise, Queen Angella is the Monarch of Brightmoon, one of the few kingdoms on Etheria free from Horde rule. She acts as a figurehead and inspiration for the Great Rebellion and the rest of the people of Etheria. Before the Horde conquered Etheria, Angella led a peaceful life, with her her husband, King Micah and young daughter, Glimmer. After Micah Was captured by the Horde's army, Queen Angella was forced to continue the struggle with her daughter. However, she was lost in a battle and taken prisoner by her nemesis, Hunga, leader of the Harpies of Talon Mountain. The Kingdom Of Brightmoon soon fell to the Horde, but was freed from Hordak's reign of terror when He-Man and She-Ra helped the Rebellion to their first victory.

Angella is one of the most powerful characters and obtains her magic from the light of Etheria's moons. She has great, spanning wings that propel her to flight and she can use the powers harnessed from the moons to shoot rays dazzling, Photonic Light Beams and Stun Beams at her opponents from her hands, and even open portals to distant worlds.

Her magic also allows her to maintain constant protection over her castle. She is capable of erecting nearly impenetrable force fields and bathing herself in her own light, to instantly heal any injuries she has sustained. Her only weakness is that her powers seem to be affected by the position of Etheria's moons, as she is severely weakened during a lunar eclipse.

Angella’s small family is precious to her. She treasures her daughter Glimmer and worries when she is off fighting the Horde. Micah, her beloved husband, returns to her. From Horde World on their twentieth anniversary to reunite the Royal Family of Bright Moon, only to sadden his wife and daughter by leaving again to coritinue the fight against the Horde. Although they both understand, Angella holds the hope of an eternal reunion very close to her heart.

Origin #3 (MOTUC Bios & Timeline):

Angella was the regent queen of one of Etheria's largest kingdoms. After Hordak invaded her planet, Bright Moon was overthrown and Angella and all her subjects were declared slaves of the Horde Empire. Believing in her heart that all people have the right to be free, Angella was the first monarch to openly fight back against the oppression of the Horde. Forming the Great Rebellion with other key leaders, she brought her people to the safety of the Whispering Woods, just outside of Hordak's evil influence. There they regrouped and formed an attack squad to wage war and once again free Etheria and all of its people. After Hordak abandoned Etheria, Angella stayed behind to help rebuild her kingdom and the beauty of the planet. Beautiful and helpful, Angella is lovely and very intuitive – she can sense when danger is near and has the ability to fly like an angel.

Trivia (Clawful94): Queen Angella was voiced by Erika Scheimer in the Princess Of Power Filmation Cartoons. There is an error in Queen Angella's MOTU Classics bio, indicating that Brightmoon is located in Eternia, rather than Etheria (that is corrected towards the end of the bio). The bio on here has been corrected on this entry.

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SPECIE : Mizari
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Flower Mountain Spring
SESSO : Female
ARMI : Angella's Sword
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