Enchantress Who Hypnotizes

Real Name: Esmeralda

Castaspella, Sometimes called “Casta”, is a female Human, who is most notedly a member of the Great Rebellion. Capable of wielding great magic, Castaspella is the Queen of the enchanted Kingdom Of Mystacor.

To focus and intensify her magic, she linked her powers with her gold armbands, that unleash magical discs and powerful magical blasts. Unfortunately without them she is virtually powerless. Her magical specialties include: teleportation, telepathy, materialization, transformation and manipulative spells. Castaspella has also demonstrated on various occasions, her vast knowledge of all things magical and mystical.

She supports the Great Rebellion, greatly, and though she maintains the duty of protecting her kingdom, she will aid them if they are in need of any magical assistance.


Filmation Continuity:

Castaspella was trained in the ways of magic by a powerful sorcerer called Norwyn, who also trained fellow student called Lightspinner.

After Lightspinner betrayed the Mysticor for the Evil Horde, and transformed into Shadow Weaver, the evil Mortella conquered Mystacor and chose to torture Castapella by transforming her into an old senile woman. Mortella could not destroy Castaspella's spirit.

When Mortella captured the rebels Bow and She-Ra, Castaspella risked her own safety to help them escape. When She-Ra extinguished the Blue Flame, she broke Mortella's enchantments and restored Castaspella's youth and powers. With the Flame gone however, Castaspella's full range of magic was limited to the castle of Mysticor, but she pledged all her knowledge and wisdom to help the Rebellion against Shadow Weaver and the Horde.

After she had worked for her power and had supposedly been seen fit to act as ruler of Mysticor, the enchanters made her Queen Of Mysticor.

She trains youngsters in the ways of magic. Ariel, one her students, seemed to be highly ambitious, which led her into trouble on many occasions. However, the wisdom of She-Ra and Castaspella taught Ariel, that inexperienced hands must learn how to use her power properly.

Like Frosta, Castaspella is smitten with She-Ra's brother, He-Man.


Vintage POP Mini-Comic Continuity:

She only appears once in this continuity. There really isn't much information that is given about this character.


Golden Books Continuity:

Like most canons, Castaspella is a female Humanoid, who is the sorceress queen of the Kingdom of Mystacor. She is known as one of the strongest magic users on the planet of Etheria. Castaspella is a strong member of the Great Rebellion.

Every year on the "Enchanter's Eve", Castaspella must renew her vows before midnight, or the kingdom will pass on to her cousin, Allepsatsac. On one occasion, Catra tries to help her gain the crown of the Kingdom of Mystacor, but fail miserably, when She-Ra and Castaspella return to the kingdom in time, to renew her vows.

Ladybird Books Continuity:

In this continuity, Castaspella is a sinister sorceress, who is a master of hypnosis. She is member of Catra's evil minions, who serves her from Cat Tower, located in the Fright Zone.

World I.P. Annuals Continuity:

Castaspella is a female Humanoid, who is a magical member of the Great Rebellion and the ruler of the Kingdom of Mystacor. She is pretty much unchanged in this continuity.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

Beautiful friend to She-Ra, Castaspella is one of the most powerful mages on Etheria. After the Horde claimed her beautiful planet as a new homeworld during their banishment in Despondos, Castaspella became a leader in the Great Rebellion helping to defend the people of Etheria with her magic. She has been known to temporarily hypnotize her foes, and although she can be a bit flighty at times, her strength and courage have helped her fight the oppression of Hordak. She is special friends with both Angella and Frosta and only uses her magic for good.


- Allepsatsac (Cousin/Golden Books Only)


- Castaspella was originally meant to be a villain, in the preproduction phase of this toyline.


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