Catra - Evil Jealous Beauty
Real Name: C'YRA of D'RILUTH III

Catra is the very cruel, untrustworthy Horde Force Captain, a position previously held by Adora, leading Hordak's warriors into battle against the Great Rebellion. Catra displays minor sorcery abilities. She possesses a magical mask called the Talamaska, which when slid over her face gives the ability to transform into a purple panther
 much stronger than her human formThe mask also has magical abilities such as a freeze ray, and teleportation. She has also shown telepathic control over all cats. Catra has a pink lion steed, named Clawdeen, as well as a horse named Storm. 


Bio #1 (Filmation)

When a race called the Magicats were taken prisoner, their Queen set out to find them. The Queen however was also captured and imprisoned by Hordak. Without the magical mask, which bestowed on her the title of Queen, she was powerless to escape. Hordak had taken the mask from her and had given it to Catra, who was able to transform into a panther by pulling the mask over her eyes. As a panther, she retains the ability to speak and possesses greater strength than her human form. Even in human form, however, Catra was so confident in her own physical prowess as to mount an attack on Huntara, who was one of the most highly trained warriors in the galaxy.When Adora is reconciled with her twin brother Adam, she leaves The Horde and is replaced by Catra as the Force-Captain. Even though there are a few other female villains in The Horde, Catra does not get on that well with any of them, only working with them as a last resort. She and Scorpia disliked each other with particular intensity, frequently finding themselves at odds with each other, but being able to work together surprisingly well when the occasion demanded it. In the second season, however, Entrapta seemed to come as close to being a friend of Catra's as anyone could get. As for all the other members of the Evil Horde, Catra often spoke to them with deep contempt, clearly considering herself to be far superior.

Bio #2: (MOTUC Official Bio)

A disputed monarch from the Tri Star System, C'yra joined the Horde Empire and was given a magical mask which granted her secret powers such as the ability to transform into a panther. She traveled with Horde Commander Kur to Eternia on his mission to ensure He-Ro was destroyed. There, along with the rest of the Horde army she was caught up in the Great Wars and eventually banished to Despondos by King Grayskull. She remained with her leader throughout their banishment and was eventually promoted to Force Captain after Hordak's step-daughter betrayed the Horde to the Etherian Rebellion. Catra's jealously of She-Ra has become her greatest weakness. 

Trivia: Catra was voiced in the Filmation POP Series by Melendy Britt. Originally, Catra was intended to be the main villain, when the POP line was first released.

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ALLEANZA : Evil Horde, The
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Planet Of Purrsia
SESSO : Female
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