Glimmer - Heroic Princess Of Illumination
Real Name: Glimmer Of The House Of Micah

The daughter of Queen Angella and King Micah, Glimmer is Princess of Bright Moon and a member of the Great Rebellion, who defends Etheria from the Evil Horde. Glimmer is often naive and over-excitable, which tends to lead her into danger easily. She is also a hardworking young woman who sincerely believes in peace and justice and overthrowing the Horde to restore such ideals. Like her mother, Glimmer's powers are associated with light and her powers are tied to Etheria's moons. Glimmer is able to generate Photonic Energy Blasts from her hands, can surround herself and others with an aura of light for protection and unleash dazzling brightness from her chest. Other less prominent powers for Glimmer - her ability to render herself invisible, utilize teleportation, and also fly for short disances. Glimmer uses the Staff Of Illumination to repair things that have been damaged and can also generate light on such a powerful scale, that it can illuminate an entire area. Her magical abilities she possesses are rarely utilized because are limited. Using these abilities too often or for too long would exhaust Glimmer immensely.


After years of division between their kingdoms, the union of Mizar's Angella and Brightmoon's Micah promised hope for the future. No one so embodied this hope more than their daughter, Princess Glimmer. When Glimmer was a little girl, the Evil Horde returned, King Micah left to fight off the Evil Horde, leaving she and her mother, Queen Angella, to virtually lose all hope for his return. As she grew into a teenager, Brightmoon was attacked by the Evil Horde and Queen Angella had disappeared in the invasion. She was kidnapped by Hunga, Queen of the Harpies of Talon Mountain. At this time, Sha-Man, the wizard of Brightmoon, saw it important to bring Glimmer into the safety of the Whispering Woods, where she could be protected by the magic of Madame Razz and the Twiggets. Herself, Madame Razz, King Skaldor and Sha-Man gathered many survivors from the attacks of Etheria and organized the first Great Rebellion. One of these survivor's was the famous archer, Bow and his know-it-all friend Kowl. Later, fallowing Sha-Man's death, Prince Adam came to Etheria and proved that she was his long-lost sister. Unfamiliar with military tactics, Glimmer recognized the value of enlisting the Horde turncoat, Adora, after she and He-Man rescued her mother from the clutches of Hunga the Harpy. She attracted many admirers over the years, including the handsome Prince Highcliff and Horde defector, Lieutenant Romeo. Though she loves easily, she does not wish to be distracted by romance until the Evil Horde is driven from Etheria. 


Glimmer was voiced by Linda Gary in the "Princess Of Power" Filmation Cartoon.

POP Filmation Cartoon Appearances

SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Flower Mountain Spring
SESSO : Female
ARMI : The ability to control light. She can teleport, illuminate large areas, refract light, levitate, and direct beams of light from her hands.
Staff Of Illumination
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