Plundor The Spoiler

Plundor The Spoiler - Evil Rabbit Seeking Riches
Real Name: Plundor Of Lepu

Corrupted by power and obsessed with money, Plundor is a genius inventor who travels the universe, seeking out new ways to increase his riches. Plundor is a cruel, heartless villain who, enjoys mocking those he believes to be defeated. Plundor`s appearance of a giant pink rabbit is a twisted sight. Plundor desires to become extremely wealthy by polluting the planet Draedus and selling the magic formula to cure the planet-wide pollution. Plundor has no powers to speak of, his only weakness being his greed. Plundor invented flying robot enforcers known as R.A.B.-BOTS and machines in his quest to become the richest being in the universe.


As a child Plundor witnessed the exploitation and destruction of his home world at the hands of gluttonous aliens and swore to one day turn their hideous strip-mining machine upon them for revenge. Gifted with a brilliant technological mind, Plundor left the ruined rock of his home world to build a sprawling interstellar enterprise. With his sinister polluting harvesters the R.A.B.-Bots, he plundered countless fertile worlds, earning him the moniker of “Plunder The Spoiler”, which he adopted with pride. His own gluttony continued to thrive long after he had achieved his vengeance upon the destroyers of Lepu. When he came upon the utopian planet Draedus, Plundor used his evil machines to ravage the planet and distill its life force into a small vial to be sold to the highest bidder. When He-Man travelled to Draedus, after Skeletor erased his memory and sent him to the Crossroads of All Universes. He-Man met the planet’s displaced inhabitants and it's matriarch, Gleedil and helped return the life force back to Draedus and imprison the conqueror in the Prison Star.

Commentary From Clawful94: Plundor was voiced by John Erwin. in the Masters Of The Universe Filmation cartoon.

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:


SPECIE : Lepunians
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Axe, Laser Blaster Rifle
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