Chief Merlo

Chief Merlo
Keeper Of The Moorfire Stones
Real Name: Merlo

Master of the Fantus Tribe in the outskirts of the Vine Jungle, Chief Merlo is a wise and generous leader, who is a chose to ally to King Randor, and good friend of Man-At-Arms. As the chief of the Fantu tribe, Merlo is the sworn protector of the Moorfire Stones, located the Secret Temple of the Fantus Tribe. He has one child, a daughter named Podi, who is very good friends with Orko. Chief Merlo carries a magic staff that is powered by the Moorfire Stones.


Filmation Cartoon Canon:

few years back, Chief Merlo had a disagreement with a fellow tribesman, named Rago. Rago felt that was beneath him to be in charge of the Fantus Tribes' water supply. He turned his back on Merlo andthe tribe, when he went rogue. Rago vowed that he would have revenge.

Inmodern time, Chief Merlo's daughter, Podi was visiting Orko at the Royal Palace. During a spirited game of Tubesnare, their ball accidentally crashes into Man-At-Arms' laboratory. Podi runs away leaving Orko to take allof the blame. When Man-At-Arms learns that Podi was to blame as well, Orko travels to the Vine Jungle, to find Podi. At this point, Chief Merlo sends a Fantus Messenger, notify Man-At-Arms that Rago was loose in the Vine Jungle and asking him to keep the visiting Podi at the Royal Palace, but did not realize that she had already been captured, in the Vine Jungle, by Rago and his henchman. Orko is also captured by Rago. Man-At-Arms, He-Man and Teela, met with Chief Merlo in his village to discus the situation. The four join forces to stop Rago, and his terrifying tank known as Zegone.

Chief Merlo's magic staff lost its power, when the vile Rago forced Podi toretrieve the Moorfire Stones (Podi is the only one who could remove the stones) and put them in the eyes of Zegone. With the help ofChief Merlo, He-Man and his friends managed to stop destroy Zegone and recover the Moorfire Stones. Because Podi was forced to remove the stones, it was her job to return them to there proper place, in the Temple of the Fantus.


- Chief Merlo was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the Filmation Cartoons.


MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:


SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Village Of The Fantus
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Chief Merlo's Staff
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