King Hiss / King Hssss

King Hssss
Dreadful Disguised Leader Of The Snake Men

Real Name: Hssss of the Viper House

King Hssss is the leader of the Snake Men, who appears at first to be human but can shed his fake skin to reveal a gruesome mass of snakes. King Hssss is described by the Sorceress as possessing magic as old as the Elders themselves. When cast, his spells usually appear as snake-shaped tendrils of energy which Hiss can use to grapple, bind, or even pierce his enemies with. His snake form is also capable of delivering venomous bites from each of its five heads and could divour an entire person. King Hssss often tricks foes by appearing heroic but then transforms into a seething mass of serpents and leads the Snake Men into battle.

Bio #1 (1980's Mini-Comics)

According to the original toys' minicomics, King Hiss is the ruler of a race of interstellar conquerors. Although his people are a race of humanoid snakes, Hiss for some unexplained reason has the default appearance of a human; a notional disguise to hide his true form, an upper body comprised of five intertwined serpents. Although one head is clearly central and dominant, the 2002 animated series depicts all five heads speaking in unison. Hiss and his Snake Men were fighting a protracted war of conquest on the planet Eternia, when they were eventually overcome by the combined magic powers of the planet's Elders, alluded to in the pre-Eternia comics by He-Ro and his mentor, Eldor, whose magic flung King Hiss and his army into a limbo-like dimension. After millennia of imprisonment, King Hiss and a handfull of his followers were freed by Skeletor, who desired to learn the secrets of the Snake Men. The two villains formed an uneasy alliance to conquer Eternia and destroy its champion He-Man, but both planned to eliminate the other once their mutual enemy was destroyed. The nature and extent of Hiss's powers in the minicomic were never fully expanded upon but was suggested to possess magic that rivaled that of both Skeletor and Hordak. His snake form also possessed a powerful hypnotic ability that was capable of putting even He-Man into a stupor.

Bio #2 (200X & Official Bio)

A servant of the Unnamed One, Hssss was chosen to lead an army of Snake Men to the planet of Eternia to plunder its magical secrets. He ruled Eternia for three centuries until a rebellion formed under D’vann Grayskull. Soon afterwards, the Horde invaded and Hssss was drawn into a three-way war. All three sides agreed to a temporary truce in order to construct the Three Towers, but Hssss was betrayed by Hordak and in time was banished to the Void by the Elders and Zodak. For five thousand years he and his army waited until Evil-Lyn and a Snake Men descendant named Kobra Kahn opened the Snake Pit to free them. This time, they would succeed and King Hiss would take his army and reclaim Snake Mountain after defeating Skeletor and his Evil Warriors effortlessly. He would almost devour Evil-Lyn who had allied herself with King Hiss but once she promised the power of the Elders to King Hiss, he spared her life on the condition that he take her to where their power was held namely in Castle Grayskull.

Trivia (Clawful94): King Hssss was voiced by Brian Dobson, in the MYP 200X Cartoons. King Hssss never appeared in the Filmation Cartoons, because it ended before the Snake Men were introduced.

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ALLEANZA : Snake Men
SPECIE : Snake Men
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Snake Mountain
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Magic Serpent Staff
Shield Of Ka
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