Heroic Wizard Of Stone Mountain

Real Name: Mallek

Mallek, the Wizard of Stone Mountain, resides in the castle above the village of Artana. He is likable, sometimes serious, occasionally moody individual. He had a long-term infatuation with Teela, until he found love in his assistant, Karyn.

Origin #1 (Fimation):

Mallek studied sorcery in the City of Wisdom, where we know he grew from awkward magician, who had a difficult time controlling his power, to a powerful sorcerer. During his time in the City of Wisdom, Mallek became obsessed with one of his classmates - Teela. While Teela did not return his feelings, this did not stop Mallek from trying to win her over.

Eventually, Mallek took on an apprentice by the name of Karyn. While Mallek proved to be a master wizard and attentive teacher, Karin watched his obsession with Teela grow. In a desperate attempt to win Teela, Mallek makes a deal with the demon Lokus. This deal results in Mallek having to give his soul to the Spirit of Evil. Karin intervenes, confessing her love for Mallek and offering her soul in his stead. This power of love defeats the demons, and Mallek realizes he returns Karyn's affections.

Sometime later, Mallek serves as guardian of the Fountain of Life at Aradan. He calls upon Teela and He-Man to help defend the Fountain of life from Kothos and Evil-lyn. This episode (The Witch and the Warrior) is edited in such a way, that it seems Mallek witnesses He-Man turning Cringer into Battle Cat. Is it possible that Mallek knows He-Man's real identity?

Trivia (Clawful94): Mallek was voiced by Lou Scheimer, in the Masters Of The Universe Filmation Cartoons.

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances: 



ALLEANZA : Eternian Allies
SPECIE : Human
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Village Of Artana
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Magic
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