Heroic Spy In The Sky
Real Name: Tzzzzt zzz zzTTTzz

Buzz-Off is a humanoid bee, that comes from a race of Bee People from the the Mystic Mountains. In the 2002 series the Bee People are given the name Andreenids. He is known as the "Heroic Spy in the Sky". He serves He-Man and the Heroic Warriors primarily as a spy. He occasionally wears a pair of insect visors which give him insect vision as opposed to human.

Origin #1 (Filmation Cartoons):

Buzz-off is the noble leader of Eternia’s Bee People, a colony of humanoid bees. As leader of the Bee People, Buzz-Off is the main representative for his race and enjoys a good relationship with King Randor. He often speaks with the King regarding matters of urgency. As a Heroic Warrior, he has a lot of support. Buzz-Off’s greatest power is his ability to fly, which allows him to scout over large territories and report back to his allies. He occasionally acts as a spy possessing X-Ray vision via his goggles. Buzz-Off's antennae are highly sensitive and can often sense danger. He is mostly paired with Mekaneck on missions.

Origin #2 (200X MYP Cartoons & MVCreations):

Buzz-Off a Heroic Warrior that is from the humanoid bee race, known as Andreenids. He is the field commander and diplomat of the Andreenids, which is lead by Queen Andreeno. Buzz-Off's greatest power is his ability to fly, which allows him to scout over large territories and report back to his friends. Buzz-Off has the ability to fly by means of his natural wings, which span fourteen feet from wingtip to wingtip. He occasionally acts as a spy possessing x-ray vision via the goggles on his headpiece. He normally carries with him a long hafted, electrically charged Pole Axe into battle. His belt buckle also features a communication device, allowing him to stay in contact with the Masters. Like all Andreenids, they make Ambrosia, a substance that keeps them alive and unbelievably strong. Buzz-Off tends to hold grudges, but his camaraderie with Stratos paved the way for peace between the people of Andreenos and Avion.

Trivia (By Clawful94): Buzz-Off is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the MOTU Filmation Cartoons and by Brian Dobson in the 200X MYP Cartoons.

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