Zodac - Cosmic Enforcer
Real Name: Zodac Zur

Zodac, originally a member of the Council Of The Wise, is more commonly known as the "Cosmic Enforcer", meaning that he has to maintain the balance of power between good and evil. Zodac possesses incredible power far beyond that of mortal men. He has the ability to travel through the universe at amazing speeds, usually on his throne, and can effortlessly change the balance of power. Because Zodac`s power has not been manifested physically, most of what he is capable of doing is beyond comprehension. Although he no longer calls Eternia home, the constant struggle over the Power Sword, has often called him back to his native planet to maintain the eternal balance between good and evil. Zodac participates little in conflict but can aid either the heroic or evil sides in their hour of need. He leans more towards the side of good and serves essentially to help maintain peace within the universe. 

According to Strobo's Official Bio, Zodac continues to serve in his role as a Cosmic Enforcer. Unfortunatly, Zodac is later assassinated, leaving Strobo to take his place and investigate the situation of Zodac's assassination.

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:


ALLEANZA : Cosmic Enforcers
SPECIE : Avatharians
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Island Of Avathar
SESSO : Male
ARMI : Cosmic Gun
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