Dark Dream

Dark Dream
Evil Master Of Nightmares
Real Name: Unknown

Dark Dream is a mysterious long-cloaked master of nightmares and can can alter the dream state and induce terrifying hallucinations of any individual. He can instantly cause someone to freeze in their tracks and enter a state of deep sleep. Darkdream is a ghost-like creature, that but moves in an almost dream-like way with his flowing cloak. Dark Dream has powerful magic at his disposal but he must always exist in darkness, as exposure to direct sunlight weakens him greatly. He was said to origonally locked up by Man-At-Arms, within a realm called the Chamber Of Darkness, located in the Crimson Valley. His assistant Tabor was stripped of most of his magic powers and imprisoned within the Eternian Prison Mines. Dark Dream returns to start a new age of darkness, by using his ability to give nightmares to his enemies.

Trivia: Dark Dream is a Filmation excusive character. He was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the Filmation Cartoons.

MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:


SPECIE : Unknown Race
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Parts Unknown
SESSO : Male
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