Night Stalker

Night Stalker
Evil Armored Battle Steed
Other Name(s): Nightmare

1984 German MOTU Audio Plays:

The mechanical, demon horse, Night Stalker, was the evil counterpart of the heroic Stridor. Initially called "Nighmare" and was programmed to attack. This mechanical menace was known to be invulnerable to attacks, because its heavy armor.

On one occasion, Skeletor used Night Stalker to infiltrate the Royal Palace. Unaware of its origins, Orko discovered the robotic horse in a meadow and took it to Eternis. Once Night Stalker was taken through the palace gate, a ray bomb dropped out ofthe robot and detonated, causing all the citizens of Eternis to fall asleep. At the same time, Zoar was imprisoned inside of the horse. In keeping with an old prophecy, Night Stalker's electronics ensured that the bird would turn into a demon if someone tried to set it free. Fortunately, Man-At-Arms managed to free Zoar without doing any harm, but Night Stalker remained in the Monster Warriors’ possession.

Later, Stridor carried Dragstor during his long and dangerous journey through the Plain of Eternity.

1986 UK MOTU Comic Magazines Canon:

Night Stalkers were evil equestrian steeds used by the Evil Warriors in theUK comic magazines. While most Night Stalkers appeared to be mechanical, Tri-Klops rode a biological Night Stalker, when spying on the fisherman who alerted He-Man to the Jewel of Fire.

1987 German Ehapa MOTU Comics Canon:

Night Stalker was again a unique creature in the German Ehapa comics, but it was also rumored to be part robot and part demon. Night Stalker featured laser guns, that it used in combat. This robotic steed was programmed to attack the enemies of Skeletor. Although Skeletor rode the robot horse most of the time, Night Stalker served as a ride for his underlings as well.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

The robotic war horse called Night Stalker was built by Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw to counter the heroic Stridor. The robot gallops with remarkable speed despite its size and is equipped with two guns in front as well as one behind its iron saddle.

Skeletor rode Night Stalker into combat on several occasions, but it was the sinister Jitsu who took special interest in the armored steed.

After Jitsu became lord of Snake Mountain, he retrieved remnants of the Hate Stones and implanted them in Night Stalker's eye sockets. This action transformed Night Stalker from a mindless machine into a mechanical nightmare. From that day forward, Night Stalker's eyes glowed with malevolence and ill-intent.

Eventually, the demon steed turned on Jitsu and ran off into the blighted plains of the Dark Hemisphere.

2012 DC MOTU Comics Canon:

A fleet of robotic horses called Night Stalkers (again dark versions of Stridor)were used by King He-Man's troops in a dark vision of the future. King He-Manhad become a tyrant ruling Eternia with an iron fist, with his own troops mount-ed on the grim Niqht Stalkers.


1984 German MOTU Condor Verlag Comic Appearances:

  • Issue:05 – Die Zeitfalle
  • Issue:06 – Der geheimnisvolle Karatemeister
  • 1984 MOTU German Audio Play Appearances

    1986 UK MOTU Comic Magazines:

    1987 UK MOTU Adventure Magazines:

    1987 German MOTU Erapa-Verlag Comic Appearances:

    2014 DC MOTU The Eternity War Comics:


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