Ancient Mirror Of Avathar

Ancient Mirror Of Avathar

1983 MOTU/POP Filmation Animated Series Canon:

The Ancient Mirror of Avathar is a magical artifact that appears as large looking glass with an ornate frame. It contains the total knowledge of the ancient empire of Avathar - the most powerful nation in the history of Eternia. The Mirror's magic power is invoked by standing in front of it and asking a questionrelated to Avathar's history and culture; A ghostly visage appears in the glass surface and provides the answer in an out worldly voice.

According to legend, among other secrets, the Mirror contains information on Avathar's magic, including the Lost Spells of Avathar.

When the island-continent of Avathar sank beneath the waves, the Mirror was located within a secret vault in the basement level of the Royal Museum of the Empire. It lay there for centuries, until the island reemerged from beneath the sea, and it was discovered by an expedition from Eternos which members were Prince Adam, Royal Archeologist Melaktha and Moss Man.

Along with the treasures of Avathar, the Mirror was taken aboard the Royal ship, probably back to the Royal Palace of Eternia for safekeeping. The Mirror itself was thought to be a legend known by a number of sages and scholars of Eternia - both Melaktha and Evil-Lyn knew of the Mirror and it's supposed power.


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1983 MOTU Filmation Animated Series Appearances:

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