Shaping Staff

Shaping Staff, The

The Shaping Staff is a magical artifact from Eternia's past. It has a strong power for transmogrification. An ancient and powerful magical tool, the Staff was first discovered by Evil-Lyn and Beast Man within a cave in the Crystal Sea. The staff served to amplify the witch's already impressive transmogrification skills, notably extending this effect more easily to other people. Disguised as a traveling sorceress named Majestra, the pair of villains made their way into the royal palace, where the Staff was put to good use transforming Beast Man into a copy of King Randor, as well as the real king into a goat and Orko into a cricket. The Staff proved efficacious even against He-Man and his allies, turning Teela into a frog and He-Man himself into a golden statue. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn next assaulted Castle Grayskull, where the Staff turned the Sorceress partway into a defenseless tree. With the telepathic assistance of He-Man, however, the Sorceress used her own magic to overcome the Staff's spell and free the hero. In the resulting battle, He-Man sliced the Staff in half, freeing all those it had changed. Evil-lyn attempted to use the remaining half of the Staff, but all this accomplished was to turn her into a bizarre snake-like creature.

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