Havoc Staff

The Havoc Staff is a magical weapon wielded by Skeletor. It is a long pole crowned with a small replica of the Ram Skull of Zelesia and a crystal ball embedded within. The staff is mostly used by Skeletor to channel his magic, however it has also been employed for remote viewing and as a melee weapon in battle against He-Man's Power Sword. He can discharge bolts of mystic force from the head of the staff, or use it as a focus for more powerful forms of magic. Skeletor has the ability to draw energy from the Havoc Staff and discharge the energy from his fingertips, and even his eye sockets. His abilities, when in conjunction with his Havoc Staff, seem nearly unlimited in scope and highly potent in raw power.


After being banished from the Kingdom Of Eternos, Keldor became the apprentice to Hordak, who was trapped in Despondos. Hordak sent him on a journey to find magic strong enough to free him from Despondos. On Keldor's journeys through Eternia, he learned of the Havoc Staff from a mysterious being, who guided him into finding the Havoc Staff, which had been rumored to have been lost in Eternia's history. Keldor acquired the Havoc Staff from the Faceless One, who haunts the ruins of Zelesia. The Faceless One freely gave the staff to Keldor after he had a envisioned that his daughter's destiny lie with Keldor.

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