Sword of the Ancients

Sword Of The Ancients

The Sword of the Ancients is the equivalant of the Sword of Power and is theonly the weapon that can destroy the "Masks of Power"!


Filmation Cartoons:

Many centuries ago, the evil Demos and Tyrella, sought after the Sword of the Ancients, but it was was placed in a boulder of quartz and hidden beneath Snake Mountain, at the other side of a maze. Demos and Tyrella were imprisoned in the Masks of Evil, until would-be-villains, Aran and Oona found them and put them on. Possessed by the evil spirits of Demos and Tyrella, they began a search to gain possession of the sword.

When He-Man frees the Sword of the Ancients frpm the quartz, it fuses itself with the Sword of Power, proventing any evil from ever getting their hands on it. Once the two swords become one, the spell of the Masks of Evil is broken, freeing Aran and Oona from the curse.


Vintage MOTU Mini-Comics:

In the vintage mini-comics, two evil Orcs are possessed by the Masks of Power. They go on a quest to seek out the Sword of the Ancients, but He-Man works together with Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, in order to access the entrance to the location to the Sword of the Ancients. He-Man is the only one to free the sword from the boulder of quartz. With the sword, He-Man destroys the Masks of Power. So no evil could touch it again, He-Man drops the Sword of the Ancients in the Mystic Mountains and it is swallowed by the ground.


- The Sword of the Ancients appears both the vintage minicomics and in Filmation animated series.


MOTU Filmation Cartoon Appearances:

MOTU Mini-Comic Appearances:

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