Dark Star Fragment

Dark Star Fragment

1985 US MOTU/POP Magazine Canon:

A meteor fragment from the Dark Star, that casts a spell of darkness, giving the user dominion over everything that falls within the evil shadow. This evil power from the Dark Star, created the shadow that had rendered He-Man powerless. 

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classic Canon:

Eons ago. the deadly Dark Star eclipsed the sun of Eternia and caused untold devastation. When the Dark Star’s orbit brought it near again, Skeletor obtained a fragment of the celestial body and used it in an attempt to envelop the planet in darkness and enslave its populace. Skeletor's plot was foiled by He-Man and his allies, and the Dark Star Fragment was thought destroyed in the fracas. This was far from the truth, for the malevolent ghost Scareglow stole the fragment and hid it in the Cavern of the Defiled Ones.

Finally striking during He-Man's time on Primus, Scareglow convened a supernatural cabal consisting of Darkdream, the green-skinned witch Sultra, the mummy Wrap Trap, and the Crimson Countess, an ancient vampire who once plagued Vikor. Led by Scareglow, this secret cabal amassed seven unholy artifacts, including the Dark Star Fragment, the Horn of Evil, and the Black Ruby, in a bid to raise an army of the dead and claim Eternia for night's cursed creatures. The villains nearly plunged Eternia into eternal darkness, but they were thwarted in the nick of time by Strobo and the archaeologist Melaktha, whose knowledge of sacred texts saved the living from disaster.


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1985 US MOTU Magazine Appearances:

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