Staff Of Ka (Kobra)

Staff Of Ka (Kobra)

The Staff of Ka, also known as Kobra, refers to Teela's magic, cobra-headed staff, that originated as a accessory from the vintage Teela action figure. The staff matched the snake armor, which was another accessory, that came with the Teela action figure.

This magic staff had many different magical powers, all depending on which continuity you are going by. The Staff of Ka is seen more dominantly in the publishing works of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


200X MYP Cartoon Continuity:

Teela's cobra-headed staff only appears in this cartoon series. She uses it as a melee weapon during battle.


Vintage Mini-Comic Continuity:

Teela's unnamed staff appears in this continuity. She can project blasts of energy or magic from this staff. She also commonly uses it as a melee weapon. In this continuity, the staff is shown being used by Teela, the Goddess and an early version of the Sorceress.


Golden Books Continuity:

Teela's staff briefly appears in this continuity. The staff remained unnamed and had the ability to project blasts of energy or magic.

Ladybird Books Continuity:

Kobra is the brown-red, magical cobra-headed staff of the Warrior Goddess, Teela. This weapon has control over most the animals that inhabit the planet of Eternia. Teela can also telepathicallycommunicate with the Eternian animals, with Kobra. With Kobra she can communicate with He-Man and the Heroic Warriors, even if they are miles away. Kobra also has the ability to produce energy-blasts, that she unleashes on the enemy.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

The staff is first identified as the Staff Of Ka, in this continuity.


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