Skeletor's Terror Claws

Skeletor's Terror Claws

Skeletor's Terror Claws are one of the powerful weapons in Skeletor's arsenal. They are razor-sharp, clawed gloves, used by Skeletor to destroy his enemies in battle. They are created to counter Flying Fists He-Man.


Vintage MOTU Mini-Comic Continuity:

In the Vintage Mini-Comics, the Terror Claws are created by Spikor, for Skeletor. The weapon was made to counter He-Man's Flying Fists. When he swings Terror Claws in battle, he can cut and slice through anything. On his first battle against Flying Fist He-Man, Skeletor is easily defeated by the rapid punch power.

Marvel/Star Comics Continuity

In this continuity, Terror Claws are known as "The Terror Claws Of Allocca". Skeletor uses these claws to try and dig into Castle Grayskull, but fails, when He-Man intervenes.

Masters Of The Universe Classics:

In preparation for the Second Ultimate Battleground, Skeletor commissioned a new armor upgrade from his chief weapons master, Spikor. Arming himself with Terror Claws, Skeletor leapt into battle against the Snake Men, Horde Army and the Masters of the Universe. In single combat he slew Gygor, Lord of the Vine Jungle, and eventually fought and mortally wounded his former master. Finishing Hordak off with a magical spell which drained his essence, Skeletor learned of the might of the Horde Empire, and quickly turned his ambitions to the stars. After the battle, Skeletor left Eternia behind in favor of a grander prize - as ruler of the entire Universe!


- Strangely, Skeletor wears his "original" costume in all the minicomics which use the terror claws, including the Terror Claws Skeletor minicomic "The Terror Claws Strike!". In the only minicomic that shows him wearing the "terror claws" costume, "The Cosmic Key", he does not use the terror claws.


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