Point Dread

Point Dread
Frontier Outpost

Point Dread was a one-room base with the same gray-green, rocky exterior as Castle Grayskull and a "perch" on top for the Talon Fighter. Point Dread's upper half could be removed and placed atop one of the towers of  Castle Grayskull, allowing the Talon Fighter to rest atop Grayskull.


Vintage Mini-Comic Continuity:

In the mini-comics, Point Dread is alternately carried by the Talon Fighter or magically appears under it, when it lands, including on top of Castle Grayskull. Point Dread was a place of power which only appeared every 20 years. It was also the place of Teela's creation. The sorceress moved it to Castle Grayskull, but Skeletor was able to recapture both the Talon Fighter and Point Dread using the Crystal of the Cavern. He used them to attack the royal palace but was out flown by He-Man, the Wind Raider and Zoar..


World I.P. Annual Books Continuity:

Point Dread was Skeletor's evil lair, in the early renditions of the World I.P. Annual books. It is described to be an underground, multilevel fortress, with all the same doom and gloom of Snake Mountain. It appears to be a blackish, mountain-like tower, that rose out from the Eternian Sea. The whole structure was made of natural, glowing rock formations. Within the entrance, there was a steep, sloping passage, that had twisting stairs, that went deep into the underground or underwater. Deep underwater or underground, Point Dread was made up of a vast labyrinth of passages, caves, pits, mines and dungeons. Deep within the underground mines, Skeletor's prisoners serve a miners in the Sulpher Mines of Point Dread.

Besides Point Dread, there is a ruined underwater city, destroyed by an earthquake thousands of years before. Skeletor hoped to rebuild and colonize it with Eternian slaves.

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