Mind Beast

Mind Beast

MOTU Marvel/Star Comics Canon:

The abomination known as the Mind Beast is a monstrous, muscular green humanoid with a disproportionately huge head. The scalp of its head is missing, revealing a large overgrown brain. Its eyes are demonic and red, its maw reveals greenish teeth-like growths. The MindBeast made its lair within the Maze of Madness, located in thefloating City of Helios (above the Sands of Time).

For a hundred years the people of the City of Helios have lived in fear of the Mind Beast, until He-Man came one day and defeated it. The story begins when Saurod hit Man-At-Arms with his empowered energy blast, placing the warrior-hero in state of permanent suspended animation. The only thing that could restore Man-At-Arms was the Healing Gem of Helios, which according to the legend, was placed within Helios by the Cosmic Enforcers for safekeeping.

Teela and Prince Adam departed for the floating City of Helios to seek the Healing Gem from Baron Apolos, the ruler of the city. Being in debt to King Randor, the Baron offered to borrow the Healing Gem to Prince Adam and Teela, but according to the laws of Helios the heroes first had to pass a test: brave the Maze of Madness and defeat the Mind Beast within it.Teela was the first to enter the Maze of Madness and face the Mind Beast but not even her disciplined mind and strong will could save her from the monsters mind affecting powers. As she stood helpless and paralyzed by her own worst fears, He-Man followed and confronted the monster. The hero and the monster struggled and He-Man made the Mind Beast face its own worst fear, after which the creature disappeared to unknown location, never to return to Helios


MOTU Marvel/Star Comic Appearances:

SPECIE : Unknown Race
LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Maze Of Madness
SESSO : Male
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