Trolls Of Spikeheart

Trolls of Spikeheart

1983 MOTU/POP Filmation Animated Series Canon:

An ancient race of beings with a troubled history on the planet Etheria, as seen in various episodes of the 1985 She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series.

The Trolls of Spikeheart have lived on Etheria since the ancient times. They have always preferred to live in rocky regions of Etheria. The Humans distrusted the Trolls, causing both races to have a strained relationship.

At one point in history, the Trolls managed to defeat the giant Spider of Crystal, who was summoned to Etheria, from an unnamed planet, by an evil wizard. When the wizard failed to control the Spider, it began running amok until the Trolls managed to trap it beneath a mountain of rock.

It was She-Ra, who helped improve the relationships between Trolls and the other races of Etheria, when she sought out the help of Agho the Troll King who knew the location of the fabled Crystal Castle.

Later, King Agho sent his most trusted lieutenant, Grox, to the Whispering Woods to seek She-Ra's help, after King Agho had had a premonition, in a dream, that the Spider of Crystal, would soon escape from its stony prison. During this adventure, Grox and several members of the Rebellion (including Bow, Kowl, and Sprag the Twigget) learned to put their feelings of mistrust aside and worked together as a team, to stop the Spider of Crystal. This alliance was a step forward in forming a friendship between all races.

When the planet, Geolon, was about to be destroyed by its exploding sun, the Rock People came to Etheria seeking for a new planet to migrate on, She-Ra asked King Agho if there was room for the Rock People to settle in Spikeheart Mountain Range. Having proven to be a loyal friend of the Trolls, Agho did not refuse her request.

Notable Member(s)

- King Agho
- Grox


- The Trolls of Spikeheart only appear in She-Ra, Princess of Power Filmation animated series.

- Throughout all the many canons, there are many variations of Trolls.


1985 Filmation POP Animated Series Appearances:


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