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2002 MOTU Mike Young Productions Animated Series Canon

The Caligar are a race of massive reptilian people, who live in the underground lairs of Subternia. Many were warriors wielding spiked clubs and throwing knives. These deadly warriors use their spiked tails in combat with incredible speed and accuracy.

The Caligar often use a variety of piercings and manicured horns to identify their clan status, including various designs through the ears and nose. Some Caligars chose to live away from others of their kind, working in the Mines of Zahrkain.

During the Great Unrest, the Caligars and Speleans (another Subternian race) fought alongside King Randor but at some unknown point relations between the two races became split leading them to becoming bitter enemies.

The Caligars are ruled by Ceratus, and regard the Evil Warrior, Whiplash, as a traitor, because he joined the ranks of Skeletor's Evil Warriors.

2008 Masters Of The Universe Classics Canon:

The Caligars lived in the fiefdom of Subternia. The Caligars followed their new leader, Ceratus, to the surface and allied with King Miro's army during the Great Unrest. Fallowing the Great Unrest, the Caligars returned to Subternia, to find their home in ruins. Blaming the Speleans for the destruction, the Caligars remained hostile toward the for many years. The two races formed a truce when they were threatened by the Snake Men, and helped form a coucil with King Randor.

Known Member(s):

- Whiplash
- Ceratus


- The race known as Caligars, was first identified in the 2002 MOTU Mike Young Production Animated Series.


2002 MOTU MYP Animated Series Appearances:

2002 MVCreations Special Comic Appearances:

2003 MVCreations: Rise Of The Snake Men Comic Appearances:

2008 MOTU Classics Mini-Comic Appearances:


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : Caligar Fiefdom
CORRELAZIONI : Whiplash, Ceratus
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