Aquaticans are the primary race of beings that live in the large underwater Region Of Moraturia. Their basic physical type can be described as humanoid, however they have green skin, that appears to be of a scaly texture like a fish. They have like a fish and a wide, fang-filled mouth. There is no apparent nose, however in some representations they has nostrils. The area around his eyes and upper lip is covered in a layer of rough orange scalesAquaticans are amphibious beings can breathe on land, but better underwater. Their abilities are weaker on land. They have the ability to control a number of aquatic life forms through a primitive form of telepathy. It is stated in some stories that this power works only on cold-blooded sea creatures, having no effect on sea mammals.Aquatica is the largest city on Eternia. It is large underwater city that stretches from the Crystal Sea to the Sea Of Rakash.


How the Aquatican race came to be is a mystery to Eternians. The Region Of Moraturia is a large underwater region / kingdom, that expands from the Crystal Sea to the Sea Of Rakash. It is made up of many known species that include the Aquaticans.Before the “First Ultimate Battleground”, Aquaticans were ruled by warlords and many other evil individuals until Lord Neptul came along and established a new peaceful rule.Lord Neptul was one of the Eternias that became a member of the second Council Of Elders. The title of Lord was passed on to many generations until Lord Mariner, who had a son named Squidish Rex or better known as Mer-Man.

Famous Members: Mer-Man, Lady Nami, Lord Neptul, Shalandor  


LUOGO DI ORIGINE : City Of Aquatica
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