Overall best Staction

  1. Vlcan
    Well, I've always been a fan of the stactions. I'm just currently trying to finish them up MOC. For some reason I love the designs of Stinkor & Snout Spout. But, when I got Jitsu in the mail he looks amazing. He has some kind of overpowering pose compared to the rest. Anyway, just wanted to say hi to all the Statction fans. And yes I wish all the MOTU characters had a Staction design.
    I'm out,
  2. Skeledor
    The Sorceress.
  3. Turk81
    Tough call. I have a top 3.... Stinkor, Webstor and Tung Lashor... Gun to head I'd probably pick Webstor
  4. ae_productions
    Jitsu is the one that just BLEW ME AWAY. Truth be told, they are all beautiful works of art. But for me, Jitsu.
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