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  1. Omnis-Ra
    Is there a site that dose He-Man sprite sheets? I have one sheet that has he-Man, skeletor and the some of the other males but not different poses or anything besides in a pose with there weapons out. It is very difficult to midify these into anything.
  2. Omnis-Ra
    This is the only sprite sheet I have for the MOTU.

    I modifide the Skeletor sitting in the throne for my avatar. This is what I first came up with.
  3. ˛He-Ro
    you don't have my works ;D
    *damned* for now are my works offline, why i made my hompages new!
    But coming soon online

    ...and here one of my creation for Street Fighter:

    From Mike Bock

  4. Omnis-Ra
    Were did you get these sprites. They are awsome.
  5. ˛He-Ro
    I will be soon set on my page M.U.G.E.N Sprite Master .de again the MOTU Sprites but i made the whole page new and for now the most SoH MOTU sprites are offline.

    But is sure they came back
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