Timeline and Preternian info

  1. Chroniklor
    Hopefully you don't mind my starting the first thread here. Perhaps this might sound as a dumb question, but I was wondering: when does the prehistoric era actually end?

    Second question: I know the "Powers of Grayskull" minicomic, of course. Where can I find other comics or info on Preternia? What are the major sources (next to the MotUC bio's)?

    Thanks for helping me out!

    I just love that prehistoric twist. For those of you who didn't know this already, somewhere on the MotUC message board is a thread on 'Preterian beasts': really interesting stuff. You can find it here. If you guys and gals know of any other threads on Preternia, let me know, k?

    Take care!
  2. Jukka
    About Preternia there are some mentions. Heck even King Hiss talks in his mini-comic how he came to Eternia thousands of years ago. So during Preternia days I'd take it. But he was banished. Hordak mentions in "Enter Buzz-Saw Hordak" mini-comic that he helped build the Central Tower of Eternia. And he was banished too.
    Filmation had couple episodes, where both He-Man and She-Ra visit Eternia in past times. He-Man had "The Time Corridor" and She-Ra had "Darksmoke and Fire". Also I think there's issue #10 of US MOTU Magazine where He-Man and Skeletor go to Preternia.
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