Has anyone ever tried to orginize an offical ky con or meetup?

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  1. stprime
    if not, then let's try. if botcon can come here surely we could work something out right?
  2. JVS3
    A year later and I'm going to reply.
    I'd love for us to do some sort of gathering/meet-up. The downside is Kentucky being so wide. There's some serious driving for some folks. I wonder if Louisville might be the ideal location. Or perhaps Lexington.
  3. MOTU_Maniac
    Out of the Kentuckians I know on this site, I think many of them live closer (or in) Louisville.
  4. stprime
    I'm always down for Louisville. It fairly close. I have friends there. I know my way around. They have a few cool comic/toy shops.

    We could all go in to rent a party bus. Have some spirits and then be drove around to buy collectibles. Is that a thing? Let's make that a thing!
  5. MOTU_Maniac
    I live just 15 minutes south of Louisville and my wife works in Louisville, so we are there one way or another almost every day of the week. I suggest: Churchill Downs day at the races, Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park & Hurricane Bay (opens May 24th), Louisville Bats minor league baseball game (Triple-A farm team for Cincinnati Reds), Louisville Zoo, Kart Kountry in Shepherdsville (putt putt golf, go carts, arcade, batting cages, etc.), Museums (Muhammad Ali Center, Science Center, KY Derby museum, Louisville Slugger museum, etc.), Belle of Louisville riverboat cruise, etc.
  6. Replikor
    The distance issue, that would work for me also.
    But my son is so badly ill atm an I currently have 7 of the same expensive doctors trips ahead of me in the next month trying to sort him out, so sadly this year I will have to sit out this time KY gang. Maybe next meet-up ill work out better for me, an I can be free to hang some.

    I hope you guys have a kickass time tho buds!!! PARTY HARD!!!
  7. imonmywayup
    Louisville works for me! Best day of the week is Saturday as I work Sunday thru Thursday.
  8. LadyAngora
    It would be fun to meet you all in person... I think I could do Louisville or Lexington.
  9. Mer-Man's Minion
    Mer-Man's Minion
    Another Louisville-ian here. Weekends working best as well.

    Along with some comic/toy stores there are also some cool antique/toy stores around, such as the South Louisville Antique Toy Mall between Louisville and Shepherdsville, which has a good deal of toys and memorabilia from the '70s and '80s.

    Then there's ol' Waverly Hills, the closest thing Louisville has to Snake Mountain or The Fright Zone, lol.
  10. MOTU_Maniac
    I love the S. Louisville Antique & Toy Mall as well as my buddy's toy shop right next door. I am there every weekend. Not sure it works as an outing, but love giving them a plug. lol.
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