Need some Aussie help to grab Tri-Klops

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  1. KS790
    Hi Guys,
    i have just worked out i will be away when Tri-Klops goes on sale, and rather than take a punt with eBay, would anyone be willing to purchase 2 extra for me?
    Im in Sydney, and could either pay with PayPal, or pay in cash if you were in Sydney.
    i was lucky to get Merman from another Org'er in the states but the freight and the "extra" made the figures a bit too expensive.

    let me know if one of you is willing to help out

  2. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    Howdy, im happy to try for you. Just remind me closer to the release date.
    (Im helping out another Aussie Fan with He-Ro, so am happy to help with trike!)
  3. Oz-Scott
    I need help with Tri-Klops too if anyone can get one for me?
    (I'll be in Qld on the 15th with no internet access...)
  4. Gimporama
    Oh you can come round my place at 2am Scott!
  5. Oz-Scott
    Haha - thanks man!
    I'll be in far north qld visiting my family 'out in the sticks' other wise I would. lol
  6. TheFallen
    I will grab a second one for you Scott if no one else has offered yet

    BTW, I get the slow postage so it will be a bit of a wait so I hope you are not in a rush
  7. He-Boy
    How slow is the slow postage? Actually, how fast is the fast postage? Considering the $40USD difference, I'm curious to see if it's worth it.
  8. TheFallen
    To work out how slow slow postage is, My MAA arrived today and my Hordak came the week after MAA was released on Matty. I hope that helps

    I am in no rush to get these figures so I don't mind the slow postage, plus it is cheaper

    BTW, Scott do you need me to get Tri-Klops for you or have you worked it out with someone else?
  9. KS790
    my MAA turned up yesterday - its roughly 6 weeks to receive the figure in snail mail - but im fine with waiting.

    is anyone still offering to get 2 x tri-klops next week for me when im away?
    please pm me - cheers
  10. He-Boy
    I'm happy to get anyone a Tri-Klops - even better if they have another MOTUC to swap it with. PM me if you're interested.
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