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  1. TheFallen
    I am sure by now we have all seen the awesomeness that has been revealed and some of us are safe with our subscriptions so we don't have to miss out on the figures......

    But then we see how cool the bonus figures look. It looks like we will all still be on here every month fighting the RSOD and frustration. I don't mind the excitement on release day aslong as I know that at the end I will have the figure.

    It looks like we will still be spending early mornings together
  2. Gimporama
    I know, it's crazy! Getting up for MAA last time stuffed me up at work all day because I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards.

    So yeah it looks like, even with the subscriptions, I'll be joining you at 2am!
  3. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    Ditto Boys! this sux! I just got back from Adelaide, and missed everything, has TG responded to the 'Scalp-or' furore? I cant find any references.
  4. TheFallen
    The best they could do was bring out "Faker Matty" and blame everything on him. There was also a facebook update. If I find the link I will post it here
    here is the facebook update
    here is the Matty Faker post
  5. Oz-Scott
    I can't get over that you can't change your method of post after you've placed your order! I just checked my 09 & 10 subscriptions and I'd left them on the snail mail option! My fault, yes, but still annoying! I guess I'll just get the bonus figures sent express to fill the gaps...
  6. Gimporama
    Yeah I did the same, I might get up early on the 16th just to order a figure to be delivered quickly.
  7. Robzy
    Hey everyone,

    I've posted elsewhere that I'm not "sold" on the subscription just yet. My main reasons are...

    1) Because the Wun-darr figure + map doesn't really excite me, but I'm not sure if we'll be getting an other cool stuff along the way (I don't want to miss out ). Does anyone know?

    2) Since the bonus figures aren't included in the sub, I have to go on to Matty most months anyway (plus, I'm also collecting Ghostbusters and Dark Knight figures). I can accept that the sub will guarantee me the main figures, but unfortunately it will be posted separately! So, my main concern is... if I'm going to be buying maybe 2 or 3 other figures anyway, should I just buy the MOTUC at the same time so I can combine shipping? Yes, I know it's a gamble, but it's been okay for me so far... I've got every figure (except Faker - which I didn't want). Do you think it's worth it?
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