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  1. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    Howdy, just thought it would be a good Idea to have a thread for this.
    List what figs you have -for trade/Sale. and also what figs you need either past figs or requests for others to buy you spares if you cant get to Matty at any time.

    as for me

    Stratos MOC x 5
    Zodac MOC x 5
    Mer Man x 1 -Damaged card but AWESOME paint apps on figure.
    He-Ro x 2 both Green stones in white Matty Mailers.
  2. lorde trooper
    lorde trooper
    Will have 4 Tri-Klops for sale.
    1 He-Man MOC for Trade - Only need Beastman MOC.
  3. TheFallen
    Awesome idea ajac

    I will post what I have when my He-Ro's arrive. I will probably trade them to get the spell stone colours I don't have
  4. He-Boy
    Hey ajac71, I think I'm after Stratos x2 and Zodac x2. have you got any pics of the MerMan card? I recently received MAA and He-Ro from lorde trooper (thanks lt!) and I am hooked!
  5. Staff Of Ka
    Staff Of Ka
    Not a problem buddy, I will take some pics today and email em to you. PM me your email addy!
    Cheers A
  6. r_r_r_22
    Need Mer Man and Hordak, willing to pay for them but would prefer a trade. ONly have a spare Zodac available at this stage.
  7. lorde trooper
    lorde trooper
    Only have 1 Tri-Klops for sale now.
    Sold 1 to He-Boy, no probs at all, im just glad your hooked, and just cleared 2 tonight on ebay.
    1 He-Man MOC for Trade - Only need Beastman MOC.
  8. claw guy 3
    claw guy 3
    First post in this Social Group thing

    Just got my Tri-Klops from lorde trooper. He's a top trader, fully recommended
  9. TheFallen
    Ok I have finally got my He-Ro's in.
    I now have 3 Green Stones and 1 Purple Stone for trade
    I would like a Red Stone so I can have the trifecta
  10. d*r*j*
    Hey guys, got my first figure direct from matty... the mighty He-Ro with red spell stone... looks great.

    ajac71 I have pm'ed you about your extra figures.
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