Anyone found MOTUC at any Bid Lots in town?

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  1. SwiftJustice
    There is a thread saying they are popping up around the country!
  2. SwiftJustice
    Found Megator and Molarr at the big lots at ina and thornydale this morning
  3. Grepicon
    did not see any at two big lots in tucson today
  4. SwiftJustice
    I spoke to the manager at the BL on valencia, and she was super nice. Said they had Megator and Mo-Larr last week but one guy bought them out. Im thinking the single carded figures have not hit yet. I swung by the BL on Oracle and Tanque Verde today and nothing.
  5. scar1321
    Yeah, someone is cleaning out our BLs.

    I found the same as you did on the Ina one a while back, and a few single carded ones here and there. No Ghostbusters.

    I even went to Sierra Vista last weekend. The guy that works there said a dude from Tucson cleaned them out the day before. 2 carts worth.

    I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of them at the next Tucson Comic Con and the toy show in March...

    I do have a few extras from what I found if anyone needs them...
  6. SwiftJustice
    The ina store has some moss mans left and some g b I saw ray from gb 2 and egon in lab coat. Do you happen to have any man e faces? I grew up with him, and would love to get my hAnds on just one to open
  7. scar1321
    Man-E is one of the ones I actually haven't seen yet.

    Oracle and Rodger had some Mossys, and Faceless Ones. Tanque Verde had Adora, and Mossy. Not sure if they'll still be there today, though...
  8. Grepicon
    As of 8/10 The Ina Big Lots had 7 Moss Mans left after I picked up two for myself. Thanks for the heads up on that one!
  9. SwiftJustice
    Damn! Need man e and faceless! Thanks at least I know they are popping up elsewhere
  10. scar1321
    I've got an extra Faceless if you need it.
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