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  1. Super 7 Figure Prices & Shipping!!

    I just got done ordering a set of the filmation figures, and although they look nice, I feel the prices are a bit high for the figures. I felt $25 a figure was a tad high when Matty was doing it, but...
  2. I know. The didn't sell out the moment they went...

    I know. The didn't sell out the moment they went on sale. If I could get a Skeletor and a He man, then Clawful should've been easy.
  3. MOTU Filmation Clawful Ordering Problems!!!

    Well, I was on the Matty order page 10 Min. before figures went on sale. As soon as they did, I ordered, or tried to order, a few Clawfuls. I had them in my cart, went to the next page right away,...
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    What's going on with MOTUC Clawful Filmation 2.0 figure?

    Today is the 15th of Dec. and nothing happend at Matty! Are we getting Clawful at some point? I have all the others and wanted to get this figure as well. However, no one seems to know what's going...
  5. If I didn't have to worry about the toy chests...

    If I didn't have to worry about the toy chests smelling from stinky clothes, I just might.:hmlol:
  6. Both MOTU and She Ra toy chests side by side.

    This photo shows both chests together so you can compare.
  7. Yeah, they did make a Masters of the Universe toy...

    Yeah, they did make a Masters of the Universe toy chest, but not a She Ra one. I recently restored a vintage MOTU chest, then I built my wife the She Ra chest.
  8. Custom built She Ra toy chest with added Audio board

    Hey guys! After I finished restoring the vintage Masters of the Universe toy chest, I went ahead and custom built my wife a She Ra toy chest/bench. I also added some gem stones to Crystal Castle on...
  9. Thanks a lot!

    Thanks a lot!
  10. Thanks for the compliment!

    Thanks for the compliment!
  11. No, that's a 7" Superman figure put out by Neca....

    No, that's a 7" Superman figure put out by Neca. Glad you like it.
  12. Superman Cristopher Reeve Custom Fortress of Solitude Diorama

    Just wanted to share my most recent project. Hope you guys like it.
  13. Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
  14. Restored Vintage He man MOTU Toy Chest with custom added Audio

    Hey gang! About a month or so ago I came across this vintage MOTU toy chest. It's only the second one I've ever seen in person. The first was at a flea market years ago, but it was trashed. This one...
  15.  MOTU   WANTED: Vintage He man MOTU Accessories!

    I recently came into a huge collection and I'm in need of some accessories. Here is my list:

    1) Snake Face-Dark Green Staff & Shield
    2) Clamp Champ-Clamp Weapon
    3) Hurricane Hordak-Dual Spinning...
  16. Robotech Large SDF-1 Sticker sheets needed. PLEASE HELP!

    Hey guys! Ok, I've tried ebay, Robotech forums and Transformer forums for awhile now with no luck. So I'll try here. I'm in need of 2 sets of unused sticker sheets for the large Robotech SDF-1 that...
  17. Snout Spout & Swiftwind shippment shorted??

    I have seen a few people on other forums start having the same problem a local friend of mine is having. I'm worried now. I have a friend who has three subscriptions. I always get one of each off of...
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    Stinkor didn't used to smell bad or be called...

    Stinkor didn't used to smell bad or be called Stinkor, until Chuck Norris ran out of toilet paper and reached out and grabbed him to finish up his business, and so Stinkor forever stinks! What did ya...
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    Prince Adam was originally going to say "By the...

    Prince Adam was originally going to say "By the Power of Chuck Norris" to change into He-man, but since Chuck Norris didn't authorize Matty to use his name, they had to change it.
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    Just for fun. McDonalds doesn't agree with Vikor!

    I've actually felt like Vikor after having a Big Mac attack. :hmlol:
  21. WANTED: Dc Universe Wave 3 Yellow Sinestro

    I am looking to complete my DC collection. If you have a MOC yellow Sinestro from wave 3 and are willing to part with it. Let me know. If the price is fair, I will buy it, or we can do some trading....
  22. Yes! That is sooo true! Matty seems to treat it's...

    Yes! That is sooo true! Matty seems to treat it's money giving customers as if we're all crawling along the ground like a person in the Sahara desert deprived of water with a hand out full of money...
  23. Matty SUX!!!

    I've been on the website since 10 minutes til! Still waiting for the WSOD to go away!!!
  24. Have MIB Masterpiece Grimlock Trade for MIB Bronze King Grayskull!!

    I have a MIB HTF Toys r Us Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock to trade for a MIB Bronze King Grayskull. If interested, please PM me.:hmgrin:
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    Yeah, what do ya got??

    Yeah, what do ya got??
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    I was on Matty at 11:40am and instantly got the...

    I was on Matty at 11:40am and instantly got the WSOD. I finally got through at 12:30pm. I don't know if everyone else was signing in early, or it's because of that new countdown timing refresh...
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    Trade!! Mib keldor for wun-dar :-)

    I happen to have an extra MIB Keldor for trade only because another trade on here with someone didn't work out. I am looking for a MIB Wun Dar. If you have one for trade, please PM me and lets work...
  28. Anyone here attending the SDCC? Please help!!

    I really like this Tron figure. If anyone here on the forums is planning on attending the con, I would appreciate it greatly if they would pick up one of the Tron figures for me. I would love to go,...
  29. Custom "Spirit of Grayskull" on ebay is getting up there!

    This guy made a custom Spirit of Grayskull figure and put it on ebay. If your interested, better get your wallet out!
  30. Any good "Matty Excuses"? List your ideas here.

    It seems every month there are problems when it comes to ordering figures. I'm not sure what the reasons are, but I do know that there are always excuses. I can hardly wait to see what the next...
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