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  1. Retro Con 2014 (Toy Collectors Show!)

    With over 225 tables worth of collectables!!

    Two weeks till we end advance ticket sales! After that it will be at the door sales only. If you're coming for the weekend, pre-buy your ticket and...
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    Win Two Tickets To Retro Con!!

    Tune in TONIGHT for our LIVE show 8 pm EST and you can win!!
  3. Retro Con 2013 Toy Show! Skelly Awards!

    Retro Con 2013 is less then three weeks away! For those that attended last year, check us out at:

    For those that dress up, you'll have a chance to win cash and possibly the...
  4. Retro Con 2013! Costume Contest Skelly Award!

    The First-ever Skelly Award! During Retro Con Costume Contest! You'll not only have a chance at winning cash prizes, but also this cool piece!
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    For those staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Valley...

    For those staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Valley Forge/Oaks, I'd like to have a fan meet up in the lobby that evening around 7:30.. I'm working on a voice actors project and I'd like to get as many...
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    I have a few friends coming from CA and one...

    I have a few friends coming from CA and one flying from iraq (he's in the service) to be there. So you'd be one of the closer ones. But I can understand on the drive :)

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    Retro Con 2012

    Sharing the love for all things eighties, through a fun convention on the east cost! Having voice talents, a NES Tournaments, lots of retro tunes, toys & more! For those that live in the area, check...
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