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     MOTU   How do you feel about the early minicomics?

    Hey, guys. I'm curious what you think about the early minicomics and the other early He-Man stories. Do any of you think they can be harmonized with the basic storyline that was part of the...
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     200X   Toy Disappointments?

    Did anyone think any of the toys in the line were a disappointment? By this I mean that a toy or toys didn't measure up to your expectations of what it should have been.

    For example, I loved...
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     MOTU   It would be really great if we could see these...

    It would be really great if we could see these ads on the new DVDs. Has this been shared with BCI? Do you have a video clip of this, Busta?
  4.  MOTU   Is Roger Sweet on the DVDs?

    Will Roger Sweet or any of the other people who worked on the toyline be interviewed on this DVD set or others planned for the future? Since he recently wrote a book called Mastering the Universe...
  5.  MOTU   Why the change in the He-Man storyline?

    Why were the minicomics packaged with the first two waves of figures so different than what appeared on the cartoon? In the minicomics, there was no Prince Adam or Orko, He-Man had no secret...
  6.  200X   Why did Clawful never make it to figure form?

    I remember a while back when the stactions were first announced that the announcement news mentioned that Clawful had already been sitting on the Four Horsemen's shelves for the last few years. If...
  7.  MOTU   Why is the series bible dated December 1982?

    Thanks for answering my original question, Busta Toons. But if the bible is earlier than the DC comics, why is the date on the series bible December 1982, while the first DC appearance of He-Man...
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     200X   Batman Begins is another line whose potential isn't being utilized.

    I agree with zodak74's statement on Batman Begins. This line had some great potential, but the new series of figures are mostly just repaints of previous figures. What gives? I'll never understand...
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     200X   Why won't Mattel just let NECA make figures?

    If this has already been answered, I apologize, but it just seems silly to me that NECA is allowed to make staction figures and not action figures. If Mattel no longer wants to take the risk, why...
  10.  MOTU   Did the DC comics or the series bible come first?

    I was wondering if anyone knows which came first, the DC Comics series which introduced Prince Adam, Cringer, and the other members of the royal family, or the cartoon series bible? It appears they...
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     200X   New He-Man Cartoon DVD

    How sure can we be that the new cartoon will be released on DVD? With all the disappointments we've faced lately, I'm still sort of skeptical about whether we'll see a new cartoon DVD, even though...
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     200X   Snake Armor He-Man Variants

    Does anyone know which Snake Armor He-Man is rarer? The one with the yellow buckle on his belt or the brown buckle? Thanks for the help.
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     MOTU   The New He-Man Book

    Is anyone interested in the new He-Man book by Roger Sweet that's coming out in July? I don't know what it will tell us about He-Man's origins at Mattel, but it will be interesting to see if it...
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