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     MOTU   How much does it cost to get motu graded?

    What is the most reputable and affordable place? How much does it cost to get 30 figures graded? Do you recommend getting figures worth over$100 graded before selling? Thanks in advance for the...
  2. Poll:  MOTU   Backs of 2 packs

    Sure, someone else asked me that too. Are you wondering if there is a crease on the back? Both boxes have signs of a back crease. I zoomed on the crease in these two pictures, but I can take a...
  3. Poll:  MOTU   2 packs

    I was thinking of selling them and someone offered $1,300

    Thanks I appreciate the input. I seen a 2 pack for buy it now on ebay for $1,000 but it hasn't sold so obviously it is probably worth...
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     MOTU   JC Penny 2 pack

    I just created a post a few min ago about my two 2 packs. I'm not sure if they are JC penny are not. Do you have pics of an example? or do they say JC penny on them somewhere?
  5. Poll:  MOTU   Is $1,300 a fair price for these two 2-packs??????

    I appreciate the help, I'm a little new to the MOTU collecting business.

    Attached are some pics.

    I consider the box of the Fisto & Stridor 2 pack to be in great condition.
    The Jitsu & Night...
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