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  1. Thank you! Is this the same for fangor? I'm not...

    Thank you! Is this the same for fangor? I'm not familiar with him either.
  2. 3 packs ?

    So the 3 pack with hot shot and horr roar... are brand new characters? I couldn't find them when I searched. I wasn't sure if they are obscure characters from comics. Any help is appreciated
  3. yes it is.I just wasn't sure because it said tax...

    yes it is.I just wasn't sure because it said tax and shipping wouldn't charge till shipment.that makes sense though thanks.
  4. I ordered 2 collectors choice subs,my card was...

    I ordered 2 collectors choice subs,my card was charged 53.13.shouldnt it have only been 50?
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    hi anyone have battle ram mib?

    tell me your price please shipped to Illinois.
  6. caste grayskull,galactic she ra,imp treasure chest for sale.

    looking for 340 for the castle cost was 300
    45 shipped for cost was 45
    35 shipped for galactic she ra.
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    wtb sideshow joker exclusive

    If you have the sideshow joker exclusive with fish guns for sale le me know.Looking to pay 230 shipped.
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    Imp chest and castle sale

    Castle grayskull looking for 345 shipped in u.s still in Mattel shipper never opened.
    Imp treasure chest. 50 shipped in u.s.
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    Arm band for rattlor

    Does anyone have the horde armband for sale that came with rattlor.i can not find mine in my spare me with price shipped to illinois
  10. for sale castle greayskull still seaed in shipper box

    Price is 335 plus actual shipping to where you live.poster is in the box as well.
  11. hi wanted imp treasure chest and faker head

    Willing to do 45 shipped for imp as chest still in bag.
    13 shipped for faker robot head!
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    batte damaged faker head wanted

    any one have this for the na adv ske.etor figure. I just need the faker head.paying 12 shipped!
  13. Need shadow weaver.Offering 155 me

    pm me if you have one.
  14. 2bad plus 80 dollars for your shadow weaver.

    pm me if this is something you are interested in.
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    For sale motuc castle grayskull.

    looking to get 425 shipped in the u.s.a.It is still in the original brown mailer box.Poster is included as well. pm me
  16. wtb Shadow Weaver.offering 115 shipped in u.s.

    pm me if you have a moc or loose complete one.
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    Looking for seahawk.

    Looking for someone with an extra seahawk offering 45 shipped.
  18. Wtb seahawk.Do you have one for a reasonable price.

    Looking for seahawk can be shipped loose as long as complete.Tell me your price.
  19. Looking to sell 1 castle grayskull when it arrives.

    pm me for details.
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    sky high for sale

    I have 2 extra sky high's complete with his weapon for sale.
    25 shipped anywhere in the u.s.
    Looking for a complete loose shadow weaver to trade for.Obviously I would owe a little cash with the...
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    Need shadow weaver have trades

    I need a shadow weaver.
    I will trade a sealed fighting foe men set and a vikor for shadow weaver.also have all the other per tennis figures for sale loose.
  22. Obviously I didn't list this right.i won't sell...

    Obviously I didn't list this right.i won't sell below cost plus shipping to you.Seriously
  23. Fighting Foe Men for sale pm me a price you are willing to pay.

    I won't need an extra to open so i will have one mint in box.Just let me know what you are willing to pay.
  24. walking dead survival instinct like new ps3 for sale

    42 dollars shipped in the u.s. I have high ebay me if ou want this game.
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    for sale/ wanting to buy

    Haves- 1st king randor
    slush head
    all loose mint and complete.will sell for 65 shipped.
    also have for ps3 uncharted 1-3 and...
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    games and figures for sale

    ps3 uncharted 1,2,3 and deadspace 65 shipped in us.
    dcuc penguin series 1 black version 25 shipped in us
    dcuc robin sereis 3.25 shipped in us
    moutc king randor,optikk,slush...
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