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  1. Thank you for the great contest! I'd go with...

    Thank you for the great contest! I'd go with Evil Seed!
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    LTB Swiftwind and Shera

    Just as it says, I am looking for a Swifty and a Shera that can ride him. They are for a 6 year old little girl so loose or MOC doesn't matter. Looking to get them for her birthday June 30th. PM me...
  3. WTT 6" Stormtroopers for Black Widow, Spidergirl or Boomerang

    SOLDAs the title states, I have 6" stormtroopers and I am looking to trade for the new ML Black Widow with Mandroid piece, the ML Boomerang with BAF piece or for the ML Spidergirl. PM me if...
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    WTB Hordak in any condition

    As the title says, i'm looking for a black Hordak in any condition, even without weapons. As long as he comes with his chest armor. I am looking to make a Filmation Tung lashor and this is the last...
  5. I also sent a PM.

    I also sent a PM.
  6. WTB Fisto, toothless Skeletor and blue Merman

    As the title says, I am looking for a MOC Fisto with mailer for $150 including ship. I am also looking for Skeletor with havok staff from Molar 2 pack for $15 and the blue Merman with sword from the...
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    Search on Facebook for motUC heads. The guy has...

    Search on Facebook for motUC heads. The guy has done the best versions of both I have seen. I have the Alcala head on my Dragon Blaster Skeletor and I love the quality and paint job.
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    WTT Shokoti or Batros

    I have a Shokoti sold and a Batros MOC in white mailer and would like to trade for:

    Clamp Champ
    Skeletor vs Mo-larr set
    Demo man

    Loose and complete or MOC is...
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