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    Sent you a PM :)

    Sent you a PM :)
  2. Wanted: Oo-lar's Axe (will pay or trade for mini-comic)

    Oo-lar’s axe that comes with Huntara.

    Will pay for or trade for the mini-comic titled “Homecoming” –issue 1 of 3 from the “The Fall of Eternia” saga. This is the comic that comes with...
  3. Free Oo-lar ! (Looking to buy or trade)

    Would you like to sell to someone that’s not going to treat Oo-lar like a collectible? I’m not going to keep him in the box for a decade and then sell him for double. I will take Oo-lar out and...
  4. I wrote to the upcoming Comic convention that...

    I wrote to the upcoming Comic convention that will be in Seattle in March. They said,

    "Mattel is not exhibiting at Emerald City Comicon.
    Thank you,
    Customer Service"
  5. Looking for a few MotU Classics parts (For Filmation Horak, Modulok) & loose figures

    CLASSICS Figures (loose -preferable w/ all parts & accessories)
    Oo-lar **ACQUIRED**
    Horde Trooper

  6.  MOTU   Need parts from Buzz-off, Roboto, Blast-Attak, Stinkor

    Looking for a few MotU vintage (80's) parts:

    Blast-Attak -long axe ***ACQUIRED***
    Blast-Attak -plunger attachment

    Buzz-off one wing
    Buzz-off helmet and axe

    Stinkor -backplate
  7. Question about Hover Robots

    I saw some news online about Hover Robots in the classics line and that they will be sold only at 2015 conventions.
    Does anyone know what conventions these are or their locations?

    I am...
  8.  MOTU   Looking for a few loose MotU vintage (80's) figures & a few separate parts

    Vintage 80's Figures (loose w/ all parts & accessories)
    Man-at-Arms ***PENDING
    Mechaneck ***PENDING
    Mer-man ***ACQUIRED

    Buzz-off one wing (i've seen priced as low as $1.99)...
  9.  MOTU   Modified Man-e-faces & Roboto 4 GB flash drive for Trade

    100860 100861 100862

    For fun I installed a 4 GB flash drive into a vintage “Masters of the Universe” Man-e-faces and Roboto.

    100863 100864 100865

    (Sorry the pictures are small. ...
  10. Thank you for the transaction tips. What i was...

    Thank you for the transaction tips.
    What i was really getting at, is there a standard (i.e. preferable) way of listing what i am looking for and what i am selling? I thought i saw someone list the...
  11. Looking for Tips sheet for purchasing/Selling figures

    Awhile ago i thought i saw a post that gave certain recommendations on how to list "wanted figures." It gave particulars on how to color code, list, and update post(s).
    Being new to the game, I'd...
  12. Awesome. Thank you for the reply. Can you...

    Awesome. Thank you for the reply. Can you Instant message me with your asking price is and shipping expense, please?
  13. Looking for Oo-lar a few other Classics

    Looking for:
    Oo-lar with extra head
    Oo-lar’s axe
    Faker head (battle damaged) (PURCHASED)

    He-man …FYI, I see He-man classic is still available (new) on matty collector for $27. If...
  14. Thank you, Invisibleboy. I got where you were...

    Thank you, Invisibleboy. I got where you were coming from and your method will work for me. Thanks for taking the time to describe.
    Out of curiosity, Did the original 80's Webstor have a string...
  15. Webstor MotU Classics -Backpack modification

    I recently purchased the Webstor classics figure. I knew what to expect with the string and grappling hook. Does anyone know of a modification that can be made to coil up the string so it doesn't...
  16.  MOTU   Watching the new MotU - 30th Anniversary dvd...

    Watching the new MotU - 30th Anniversary dvd collection. I got it for all the bonus and background stuff. The first disc containing documentary programs was unbearable to watch.
    It had waaaaaay...
  17. I signed up with a secure e-mail (i.e. a comcast...

    I signed up with a secure e-mail (i.e. a comcast account).

    I see the date & location has been announced… and the venue has wi-fi (very cool). :hmgrin:
    Having that feature will make it easy to...
  18. Judith, It will probably be easier to find...

    Judith, It will probably be easier to find someone at PowerCon who has an ipad or ipod with the app and can show me some of the in’s & out’s.

    Even though the venue hasn’t been selected for 2013,...
  19. website class @ power-con

    Do you Think at Power-con 2013 someone could offer an orientation class on navigating and posting on this website?
  20. 80's Vintage MotU figures: tips on alterations

    I have searched around the tutorials and have found a few youtube videos regarding how to repair legs and found one photo diagram on how to repair the head that didn't look too practical. Most of...
  21. Power-con 2013 (anyone know; is it happening?)

    I hope this is the correct forum to ask this....

    Is the Power-Con going to happen next summer and if so does anyone know when the 2013 Power-Con might be tentatively scheduled? (location, too?)
  22.  MOTU   These are all awesome explanations and...

    These are all awesome explanations and perspectives. I’m enjoying reading everybody’s thoughts on it. :skgrin:

    I totally get how a dual identity helps out with storylines and makes for more...
  23.  MOTU   asking explanation of He-man’s powers and need for a secret identity

    Based on the Filmation cartoon, could someone please tell me about He-man’s powers and need for a secret identity?

    The way that Superman hides behind Clark Kent, when I watch the cartoon as a kid,...
  24. Judith, you are a wealth of knowledge! I’d never...

    Judith, you are a wealth of knowledge! I’d never heard of this Power-Con convention. I signed up for the newsletter so when they do the next one I’ll know when to start making arrangements so I can...
  25. are there any set places in the U.S. that showcase MOTU memorabilia on display?

    I’m curious to know if there are any memorabilia museums for Masters of the Universe.

    I’ve seen a few YouTube videos showing He-man figures from Matel on display. They look like they are...
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    Hello from Washington

    I got nostalgic for He-man after playing the new game app on my ipad. I have fond memories of getting a He-man and Battlecat toy 1981 before it was a cartoon… and a few years later seeing the...
  27. “The Masters of the Universe and Philosophy” book (anyone know if this might happen?)

    I’ve seen books published on many different pop-culture subjects that have been turned into philosophical titles. These include several Marvel & DC comics characters. For example, The Avengers and...
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