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    List and prices updated

    List and prices updated
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    Tri-Klops, BA He-Man and others FS

    Stratos $20 RE-ISSUE
    Moss Man (unflocked) $20 RE-ISSUE
    Orko/Prince Adam (Matty version) $25
    Buzz-Off $20
    Battle Armor Skeletor $25
    Sy-Klone $20
    Clawful $20
    Man-E-Faces $20
    Snout Spout $20...
  3. WWE Elite, Legends and TMNT Classics FS

    WWE Elite:
    Diesel, series 16 $40
    Kevin Nash, series 16 $40
    Shawn Michaels, series 19 $20
    Triple H, series 23 $20
    Undertaker, series 23 $20

    Mattel WWE Legends:
    Stone Cold Steve Austin, series...
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    Tri-Klops and BA He-Man MOC FS

    Tri-Klops first run MOC w/white mailer $60 shipped
    Battle Armor He-Man first run, w/white mailer $45 shipped

    Prefer to ship within the US, but willing to do international if buyer assumes the...
  5. Tri-Klops, Scareglow, Whiplash and others FS

    All are MOC with their white mailer, unless noted otherwise. Will ship free within the US.

    Beast Man (with 'the original' burst) $75
    Tri-Klops $70
    Scareglow $75
    Battle Armor He-Man $45 (no...
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    Dexter seasons 1-5 on blu-ray

    Like new condition, watched once. All inserts and packaging included. $20 each shipped, or $100 for all five seasons shipped anywhere in the US.
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    Evil-Lyn loose FS

    Loose, mint and complete with all accessories. $25 shipped within US.
  8. Sub drive or not, I think the line is winding...

    Sub drive or not, I think the line is winding down. We all have our ideas or notions of what will wrap things up or complete individual collections. The reality is that no matter how long the line...
  9. I just managed to place my order for a...

    I just managed to place my order for a Rokkon/Stonedar set through the subscriber-exclusive early access benefit. The only problem...I'M NOT EVEN A SUBSCRIBER!

    My subscription was suspended in...
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     MOTU   Single MOC commemorative figures


    $20 each shipped within the US. would make a price concession if anyone wanted to purchase them all.
  11. is anyone concerned about these selling out...

    is anyone concerned about these selling out during early access before non-subscribers get a chance to buy them monday?
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    WWE Mattel Legends items.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, MOC, series 1, comes with Austin 3:16 shirt and Leather Vest

    Mr. Perfect, MOC, series 3, includes classic Intercontinental title belt

    Kevin Nash, Elite Flashback,...
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    TMNT 25th Anniversary Turtles

    I have all four MOC TMNT 25th Anniversary Turtles and April O'Neil MOC for sale. $20 each shipped or all five for $80. US only please.
  14.  200X   He-Man, Prince Adam and MAA 200X versiions, MOC

    Title says it all. He-Man (cross version), Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms from the 200X series, MOC for sale. Make an offer, US only please.
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    TMNT Classics

    Title says it all. All four turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michaelangelo) from the TMNT Classics line. Higly articulated versions of the turtles look like their classic cartoon versions....
  16. List updated 6/25 - - - Updated - - - List...

    List updated 6/25

    - - - Updated - - -

    List updated 7/6
  17. you have a pm

    you have a pm
  18. Would anyone trade their Clamp Champ for...

    Looking for a Clamp Champ, willing to trade King He-Man, Zodak, SDCC Vykron, any weapons pack(s), or I even have the Polly Pocket Princess of Power set for any POP fans. I also have lots of other...
  19. MOC Items FS...Zodak, He-Ro, King He-Man, Draego Man, etc....

    List and prices updated

    Count Marzo $20
    Chief Carnivus $20
    Gygor $30
    Vikor $20
    Palace Guards $40
    Faceless One $20
    Fearless Photog $25
    Draego Man $35
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    TMNT classics

    I have the four turtles from the TMNT classics line that came out late last summer. Would like to sell all four, but would be willing to sell individually. $20 each shipped, or $75 shipped for the...
  21. Good luck man. Selling here on the org isn't...

    Good luck man. Selling here on the org isn't easy. And selling as a lot on here, you can forget that unless you want to sell it for about $1500 and absorb all the shipping costs yourself.

  22. How about an entire once!

    All single figures, MOC, all with white mailers. All the big hitters; Teela, Shadow Weaver, Fisto, Sorceress, Whiplash, etc. All the sub exclusives, 30th anniversary figs, Panthor, Battle Cat, Swift...
  23. I had the same thing happen to me this month. I...

    I had the same thing happen to me this month. I opened my email yesterday morning to see an urgent message from matty saying my subscription was inactivated after three unsuccessful attempts to...
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    It would be tough to justify at this point. Up to...

    It would be tough to justify at this point. Up to now, I have been an 'all-in' guy, but with the average cost of a single figure shipped being in the $35 area, and who knows what it will cost come...
  25. List updated

    List updated
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    Fighting Foe Men FS, $80 shipped

    Title says it all. I have no interest in keeping these, so if anyone wants them, just let me know.
  27. Trap-Jaw re-issue is sold, still entertaining...

    Trap-Jaw re-issue is sold, still entertaining offers on others.
  28. Granamyr, BA Faker, POP Polly Pocket, MAA, Orko, Trap-Jaw, Vykron Barbarian, etc FS

    Okay, I tried this a few weeks back, and couldn't come to terms with a potential buyer to sell this stuff as a set, and I've decided I am going to scale my collection back to what I am calling my...
  29. The issue I have with this is how much weight the...

    The issue I have with this is how much weight the community believes they carry as a major representation of the fan base as a whole.

    I'm not saying there isn't some potency to your...
  30. Oh, that must have been another figure with a...

    Oh, that must have been another figure with a blue cape and stroke lip people have been whining about.
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