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  1.  MOTU   Thanks AGE and SunDevil. Thats definitely a lot...

    Thanks AGE and SunDevil. Thats definitely a lot of money :). On the other hand, are MOTU figures from Mattel India any rare?
  2.  MOTU   Mattel India

    what about MOTU figures from india are they any rare?
  3.  MOTU   how much will cost right now to get a complete MOTU Collection?

    I have started off my collection for MOTU this past week and below is my list so far:


    1) He Man (Mattel India)
    2) Battle Cat (Mattel India)
    3) Attak Track (Mattel India)
    4) Road...
  4.  MOTU   Laser light Skeletor for trade with Mummra Luna Lasher or Lion o with thunderwings

    I have a laser light skeletor which i am willing to trade for either Luna Lasher Mummra or Lion o with thunderwings. If anyone interested please ping me.
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