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  1. Well, I think the overwhelming response is for...

    Well, I think the overwhelming response is for the Detolf, which certainly sounds like it could be an MOTU name.

    And the winner is by near unanimous decision.......Detolf.
  2. Wow, there's a coincidence. I was just looking...

    Wow, there's a coincidence. I was just looking through IKEA online (Detolf) and saw that one. Glad to know it works well.

    Thanks. Keep the suggestions coming.
  3. Best Inexpensive Shelving Unit

    Hi all,

    Looking for suggestions on the best inexpensive shelving unit for my figures?
    I live in Canada, so I know some of the stores you may have purchased yours may not be available here, but...
  4. Sweet, is #150 lucky? Order Number:...

    Sweet, is #150 lucky?

    Order Number: 15221999342

    Order Date: July 25, 2014

    Product Name Qty Ordered Amount Discount
    2015 Club EterniaŽ Subscription Quarterly Shipment Option 1 $26.00 ...
  5. Whoops, sorry about that. Cleaned up my mailbox a...

    Whoops, sorry about that. Cleaned up my mailbox a little, should be good now.
  6. Looking For Full Club Etheria Sub and Some Loose Figures


    Got a couple of logs on the fire, but if someone out there can help out with a 1 Full Etheria sub they would like to get rid of please send me a message.
    Couldn't afford to commit to that sub...
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    Extra Club Etheria Sub?


    I'll know in a couple of weeks for sure, but looking like I maybe able to afford a Club Etheria sub after all.
    Anyone out there have an extra they are looking to unload? (Preferably in...
  8. WTB Battle Armor He-Man (perhaps also Battle Armor Skeletor and Dragon Blaster)

    Hi all,

    Went looking through my collection the other day and realized I accidentally sold my last MOC Battle Armor He-Man to a local collector (very nicely at cost) thinking I had one more left.
  9. MISB Figures For Sale - Canadian (Alberta) - Will Ship International

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to sell them for what they cost me + shipping to you. The prices below are what they cost me and then I would need to find out what shipping would cost to you.

    I have a...
  10. Wow, this continues to be punishing.......I'm not...

    Wow, this continues to be punishing.......I'm not online for 1 hour and again I miss.......this needs to be up for Early Access Subscribers again or something........
  11. Canadian with Some MOTU Classics For Sale (see list)

    Hi all,

    I have some extra figures and a few that aren't my cup of tea.

    I'm looking to sell them for what they cost me + shipping to you. The prices below are what they cost me and then I would...
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    WTB Temple of Darkness


    Anyone have 1 or 2 extra TOD Sorceress at close to or at cost?
    Thinking about picking one up.

    If you can let me know how much it might be for shipping as well?

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...
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    Sub for Sale

    Hi all,

    So unfortunately I'm in a bind and I need to sell my 2013 sub.

    I'm not sure what the easiest method is to do that.......clearly I can't find any help from Matty regardless of my...
  14. Anyone looking to sell fisto, sorceress and kobra khan?

    Hoping someone can heed my call was trying to get all 3 to save on shipping.
    Was looking to pay $25 per figure + shipping.

    Only thing I have for trade is 1st issue tytus.
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    Alberta International shipping

    Anyone out there using shipping other than USPS and got charged customs etc?

    I've always used USPS and I think I got charged customs once.
    Considering a sub and possibly Dhl instead.
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    Anyone ordered a Swiftwind from the year long sale?

    Do all the packages have 'The Original' on it from this sale?
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    Sticky: Anybody else try calling CS regarding missing subscription email?

    They said I need to be signed up for the newsletter, which I'm fairly certain I am.......and essentially nothing was done.

    Anybody else have better luck? I'm a subscription holder and would like...
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    Deal I had pending didn't work out, so Tytus is...

    Deal I had pending didn't work out, so Tytus is still available for trade. I've posted a couple of more options for a trade.
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    MOC 1st Release Tytus for Trade

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to trade a MIB 1st release Tytus I still have.

    I'd like to get comparable value since he was $40.

    If anyone is willing to trade it for
    MOC Swiftwind
    MOC Preternia...
  20. Spare MOC 1st Issue Tytus for Trade

    Hi all,

    Here's what I'm looking for hoping to get equal value so looking for 2 regular figures. Listed in order of preference.

    BA Skeletor
    Snout Spout
    King Hsss
  21. Wind Raider Second Chance?

    Hi all,

    I've seen the conversations around the fact that Matty considered the success of the Wind Raider to be 'okay'. I wonder if it can be considered that given this vehicle was pushed out to...
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    Selling My Subscription 2012

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to potentially sell my 2012 subscription including 30th ann figures.
    Anyone out there interested?

  23. Hi all, Still looking for someone that might...

    Hi all,

    Still looking for someone that might be interested.

    I may want to keep a couple of characters, but let's see what we can work out.

  24. Anyone interested in 2012 subscription?

    Hi all,

    It looks like financially I need to take a break, so I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in taking on my 2012 subscription (including 30th anniversary).

    I'll just want to get my...
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    MOC 1st Run Tytus for Trade

    Hi all,

    Just looking to get comparative value for an extra Tytus I have so looking to trade, so probably a couple of figures.

    I'm looking for MOC

    Pre-Eternia He-Man with Etheria Map
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    1st Run MOC Tytus for Sale


    Have an extra first issue MOC Tytus that I don't need, just want to sell it for what I paid $48+shipping.

    Anyone interested?

  27. Weapons Packs/Eternia Guards in Matty Monday


    Is there anyone out there that would be willing to sell me Great Wars pack (looking for possibly 2 of them) or Eternian Guards at cost if they get some and don't want them?

  28. Few Items I'm Looking For (Great Wars, TrapJaw, PreEternia, Palace Guards, etc.)


    Looking for a few items near cost if anyone is willing to part with them or has extras they can help me out with:

    Great Wars Weapons pack, a couple if you have them.
    Eternian Palace Guards...
  29. Looking to Trade a First Issue Tytus MOC


    I'm looking to trade a MOC Tytus for MOC Panthor or potentially MOC Tytus for 2 of the following:

    MOC Trapjaw
    MOC Clawful
    MOC Evil Lyn
    MOC BA Skeletor
    MOC King Hsss
    MOC Syklone
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    Tytus for Panthor?


    Anyone out there interested in a MOC Tytus for MOC Panthor trade?

    Essentially I am losing a bit since Tytus was worth more, but maybe someone has a spare weapons pack (great wars or weapons...
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